Prepare to fall in love!

Whether your wedding will be vintage, whimsical, modern or traditional I promise you I have found something for you that will suit your theme.  What makes up a great invitation is stunning imagery, timeless design and detail.  And, that’s exactly what Vintage Designs create!!!

The invitations below from Vintage Designs are timeless, classic and better still hand crafted and unique.  They are all about detail and it’s the little details that make your wedding spectacular.  The little details are the ones you and your guests remember and it’s the little details in your invitations that make them stand-out…

…so you want to start off with a bang and these little bundles of paper pack a punch.

So let me introduce you to Vintage DesignsI love them and you can see that this is a company that perfects the details and produces immaculate quality product.  The name says it all, Vintage Designs; instantly conjures up images and thoughts of old that represent high quality of a past-time, and they are!!!

Vintage Designs

“‘Vintage Designs’ is founded on the principle of good old classic design, the kind that can be pulled out of a dusty box in twenty years and still look timeless” says Andrew Bradley, founder.  Along with Alfie the Labrador Andrew dedicates his time to the art that is his invitations.

Working from his home in Oxfordshire Andrew produces custom and unique wedding stationery founded on time-honored traditional design. “When the recipient opens their envelope, we visualize smiles and excitement. We want your guests to feel special to be invited to your wedding day” said Andrew.  And that’s exactly how we feel.  We really do believe that your invitations must be your first representation of your wedding day and are passionate about you getting spectacular ones!

Andrews passion, like ours, is in the details and it shows! His invitations are elegant, sophisticated and ooze an edge of luxury.  So grab your ‘Earl’ or your ‘Cheeky Chai’, sit back and prepare to fall in love!

Imagine your wedding invitation like the opening chapter of your book that ends happily ever after as Husband and Wife.  You know from the first chapter of a book whether or not you’ll enjoy it, so imagine getting a plain, uninspiring invitation through your door, does it make you want to go?  Now imagine receiving a beautiful hand crafted, time-less invitation with spectacular detail, stunning imagery and gorgeous fonts like the ones below from Vintage Designs, then how do you feel? You feel special right? And you want to fill it in straight away 🙂

I love the old-world charm of Andrew’s designs; they are subtle and cleverly put together so that all the important information is easily seen.  Everything on the invitation has purpose from the type of font to the imagery used and the information shared.  I love the sets too!!!

As Andrew so elegantly puts it: “With a love of old typography and illustration, my vision is to revive old principles, detailing and styles, combining them with modern standards for the best of both worlds”.

The invitation set below just simply says old-world charm!!! Divine.

What it all comes down to is that your wedding invitations should ultimately reflect your style and tell your story.  And if you like the above but have a little more of your own vision in mind, then get in touch with Andrew, he’s such a nice guy and is there to help your vision become the first chapter of your story.



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