What it all comes down to is that wedding invitations should ultimately reflect your style, not the latest trends.  Your wedding invitations are the prelude to the big day that give your guests a little tiny peek into the world of you and your fiance and should set the mood.  I have been cataloging invitations for a while with the idea of doing a jam packed post full of inspiration… until I found a little surprise.  So for our Frabjous Friday post we introduce…

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!  I loved the name for a start.  It sounded like I was about to open a delicious buffet of ideas, so I had to read more and when I clicked on the website my appetite was satisfied to perfection.

Add a twist of retro, a slice of humour and pour into a long story of you and your fiance and you get one hell of an invitation!


RSVP Candy are not just vintage drawings, vintage colours, vintage text or retro designs, they are your story.  And I just have to say I think RSVP Candy are very, very, clever!

Creators of fine vintage wedding invitations

RSVP Candy offer beautiful, unique, vintage wedding invitations designed individually for you and your partner, telling the story of your life together leading to your big day.   RSVP Candy love telling a story.  The story of you, the couple: who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going because that’s what your wedding is all about right?

The invitations are so personal and intimate that I felt like I got to know the couple on the invitation just by ‘being invited’.

Who are RSVP Candy…well, we are proud to say they’re another company created out of a wedding!

We’re a small UK company offering a personal service couples would want for their wedding. We create the design from scratch for each Bride and Groom and we love adding funny little touches where we can.

We’re a husband and wife team offering vintage wedding invitation design. Our story started when planning our own wedding in 2009, being unable to find a design we really loved, Andy as a graphic designer by trade, crafted the design. The feedback we got from our guests was amazing, and we’re finding couples get the same reaction whenever their RSVP Candy invitations are sent out.

As Andy from RSVP Candy so perfectly put it: We love telling stories, in fact we’re storytellers – everyone likes to share their funny, sweet and everyday moments and we give couples the chance to tell their own tale of love on their wedding invitation.  From how they met, their life together so far, right up until their big day. Couple this with a vintage, retro, fifties,  Americana design and you have something special to send to your guests.

The invitations arrive folded up, but extend out into a long card – perfect for getting all those sweet and funny moments in. We can also personalise the reverse of each invitation with the guest names in the same fabulously retro way says Andy from RSVP Candy.

These invitations make you want to fill in the RSVP, choose your menu, buy a dress over the internet (to hell with being fussy) and pack your bags for the hotel NOW!  Its only when you look up at the end of reading the invitation that you sadly realise you have 8 months to wait before their big day!

Look at the quirky little pictures intermittently dispersed throughout the invitation – nice touch!  All these details coupled with the momentous moments shared by the Bride & Groom all told in the invitational story make this invitation a must have!  And as you all know ,we (Alice In Weddingland) love supporting British talent in the wedding industry and we simply love the ethos behind the company.  Please go and check out their website for more or contact Andy direct!

So tell your guests, whether they’re close family or just good friends, something they might not know about your journey of love together!

And, they do table place cards, table plans and table numbers all designed to compliment your invitations and all injected with the same sense of intimacy and story as the invitations do.

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