Fancy getting married in Downton Abbey? I Do.

I can’t believe what just happened…Firefox on my Mac crashed and I lost the entire post that I was working on.  Although, Firefox was nice enough to save the title above.  Mmmmm, how very kind.  I’m afraid all the great information about Highclere Castle that I had gathered for you that was so lovingly intertwined with the words that so delicately described my love affair with Downton Abbey were struck from under my finger tips.  Now, instead, I bring you the video below.

Barrie Downie Photography

I would so get married in a Castle!  I would so get married at Downton Abbey.

I visit Highclere every year as they hold Christmas markets there and it truly is a beautiful place.  The Castle, the tapestries, the sweeping staircase and the grounds, oh the grounds are just divine!  I found the video below by pure accident but it gives a stunning portrayal (I’m being very Hollywood now with those bolded words) of just how your wedding would be if you choose this venue.


I just have to warn you though… your jaw will drop and you will be at risk of looking, well, rather silly coupled with all the oohs and ahhs that will escape your lips while watching this video – please be aware. (Just in case your watching this at work).

It is stunning and I wanted to show you loads of pics here in the post too but alas (I’m being Hollywood again) the website for Highclere Castle does a superb job with their stunning pics; with their beautiful wedding photos in their little flash books.  They even have three different photo galleries to choose from and I’d like to recommend you do what I did and check them all out as there are some absolutely stunning photos in there that will inspire you.

So without further adieu (oh dear not again) grab a cuppa tea and look, look, look.  And, if you’re one of the lucky ones to have already had your wedding at Highclere Caslte, show me, show me, show me, we’d love to feature you on the website.

Highclere Castle wedding photobooks.





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