So you’re getting married and you want some original, unique wedding stationery: invitations or Save The Dates’ that are quirky, stylish and that have a real fashion flare.  Well my gorgeous readers, look no further than today’s post because I have some gorgeously girly unique wedding stationery from a frabjously talented creative to show you.

Fast Talking Dame is the creative brainchild of Kathy Kyle Bonomini. She’s the kind of talented lady I love discovering and showcasing on the blog: someone who is designing their own, unique and very cleverly articulated wedding products.  When I saw her website I was in love!  Her designs are so unique and are created using fashion drawings (another obsession of mine).  She’s an incredibly talented artist and is drawing her way (literally) into the unique wedding stationery arena with fun, quirky and original bespoke cards.  Her work isn’t limited to wedding stationery either and also includes:

  • Birthday
  • Thank you notes
  • Love notes
  • Wedding
  • Seasons
  • Mums + Baby
  • Holiday
  • Working professionals + party
  • Yoga (yoginis)
  • Ladies Who Lunch

To open an envelope and see a personalised fashionista-type picture of you and hubby would be gorgeous, personal and so much fun.  Kathy’s designs make her wedding stationery so bubbly that it would make your guests want to come!!!

A little from Kathy:

Fast Talking Dame bespoke stationery was started in 2003 because I loved fashion, hand-painted cards, and making people happy. People like pressies and cards that are made expressly for them. And they love good mail. Not junk mail. Not bills. Good mail. A sweet, random message. A thank you note. A birth announcement. A wedding “save the date!” Ah, good mail. Hand-painted with a fashionable little lady carrying a cocktail or a bouquet of gorgeousspring flowers, no less.

Although originally from Southern California, I lived in Washington, DC for the last 10 years, working in consulting and corporate communications. I decided that as long as I had a creative outlet in my professional career, I would satisfy my need to paint.

Then my best friend (British) introduced me to an amazing man last year, who is also British (and very cute), and who lived in London. We fell in love and got married. I started painting our wedding thank you cards, our friend’s baby shower cards, and my girlfriends’ birthday cards…and I started giving packs of six and 10 as gifts.  They wanted more. So I painted more. And here we are.

Each hand-painted card is bespoke, delicately painted on Cartiere Miliani Fabriano Italian cardstock, which is pressed and hand torn with a deckled edge. Cards measure 90×140 mm (3.5 x 5.5inches). Each card is wrapped in self-sealable clear, bio-degradable plastic and is topped with a sticker that says, “I made this for you.”

I create cards for birthdays, thank you and love notes, weddings, bridal and baby showers, birth announcements, holidays, yoga practices, and for your girlfriends when you lunch, hence my “Ladies who Lunch” line. Each lady is painted in various multi-ethnic tones and shades, with different hair colours and styles. They celebrate everything fabulous and fun in life. I am passionate about creating personalised, stylish, exquisite cards. Each is a gift, just like the ladies who give them.

Kathy’s unique wedding stationery is simply irresistible!  Her artwork is colourful, it’s fun and it’s totally bespoke: designed just for you!!!  She knows how to put the ‘You’ in Unique and make your unique wedding stationery stand out.  Sign up to her Facebook page for updates and get chatting on twitter with her to see how she can help you create your unique wedding stationery.

I now have Christmas card ideas so watch this space as we draw into the colder months (oh, how dare I mention cold in the middle os Summer) as I think Kathy and I just might be creating something a little frabjously Alice In Weddinglandy!

Have a super duper frabjous Sunday as the sun is finally going to hang around all day today!


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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