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wedding dress
feature I posted a little while ago ‘Out Is White, In Is Attitude’ where I showcased some truly beautiful designs by the amazing mother and daughter designer team, KMK Designs.  

Well, this post sparked an incredible 262 likes on it, which is my most popular post today and proves that you, Brides today, want something different and I applaud you for it.  Out is the humble poofy meringue that was so well known to us as a ‘fairly standard wedding dress’ and in is an icon of self expression and today’s red unique wedding dress is a stunning example.

Inspired by the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ today’s stunning red unique wedding dress is another beautiful alternative wedding dress designed and made by KMK Designs.  This designer duo know exactly what Out is white and in is attitude means.  Their unique wedding dress designs are all unique, feminine and

The Huntress

“When we saw the hunger game movie we of course fell in love with the capitol fashion being designers and loving outrageous fashion. Yet being there is a whole different side to the hunger games, we thought it would be fun and an interesting challenge to mix the “girl on fire” in her over the top dresses into the wilderness where she provided for her family and fought for her life”. said Kaitlyn of KMK Designs

Unique Wedding Dress

We picked an intense cool red fabric, in a cotton sateen to represent the girl on fire dress. We played with feminine lines while keeping it still very harsh almost military, even though we made it corseted and fluffy. It took us a while to think of the perfect model and photographer for this set, and were so happy with the team we got to work with to create them. This unique wedding dress embodies what we love doing which is pushing the boundaries of fashion and exploring the meaning of it, while creating beautiful flattering gowns for all women.

Frabjous creatives:

Dress: KMKDesigns
Photography: Photosynthetique
Model and Makeup: Irregular Pearl
Hair: Sheridyn and Michelle

Ready to custom order, you can now create your own self expression and purchase the Huntress, red wedding dress from KMK Designs shop.

I’d love to wear a bold colour like black or red to my wedding.  Would you wear a red unique wedding dress or any other bold colour?

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