Yay!  It’s getting warmer and the sun is peeking out from behind those long, dark wintery clouds and I’m sooooo looking forward to Spring.  Flowers, sunshine, happiness and WEDDINGS!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I love nothing better than sitting in my garden, cuppa tea in hand, on my swing chair and watching the day lazily drift by (err hmm – I’m dreaming again aren’t I?).  There is something magical about the way life comes around again in Spring, when the young daffodils and crocuses come out and the blossom on the trees that gently open, peeking out as if to say “peek-a-boo” as the pretty up the garden up.  And with Spring comes Spring weddings, warmer weddings and bright, happy colours.

And today it’s the gorgeous colours of unique wedding dresses that I wanted to show you.   It’s not all about the ivory /white wedding dress anymore and more about a statement that you the Bride wants to make with your fashion statement that is your wedding dress and the more brave Brides become, the more amazing the wedding dress.

So I’ve put together a few of the unique wedding dresses that have been on Alice in Weddingland that are just sumptuous, different, creative and of course unique.

Unique Wedding Dresses

How could I not start with…

Wai-Ching’s Unique Wedding Dresses

Unique Wedding Dresses

Just look at the way she blends the white into magenta and then this luscious green!

…and of course her signature Zoltov dress -‘I know, I know’ it’s a bit of a winter scene, but isn’t this just unique as a wedding dress!

and the reds, and the way she pulls in the orange. It’s that strawberry champaign with ice isn’t it!

And then from Alessandro Couture’s Unique Wedding Dresses

Ahhh the red again – Deep Strawberry Summer!

And the attitude of these dresses from Cymbeline!

Cymbeline Unique Wedding Dresses

They’re fun, playful and stunning!

From Christina Craft Unique Wedding Photographer

And of course – Yolan Cris too!

Yolan Cris Unique Wedding Dresses

Oh, ok, back to some colour!

What about the Green from our recent post A unique wedding dress {a corset affair}

From Fairy Goth Mother – Unique Wedding Dresses

And a touch of gold to welcome in the morning Photo from Janie Barclay

And a stunner from…

Tim Walker Fashion Photographer

And of course I couldn’t do anything less than finish with the amazing, the incredible, the fantastical Gallery Serpentine!!

Gallery Serpentine Unique Wedding Dresses & Corsets

Well I think we’ve just about covered the Rainbow here

From our trip back home to Aus!

And I couldn’t finish it off and have that perfect Summer’s day without one of these from the fab Harvey Ward at Ideas Box

Ideas Box – Unique Wedding Ideas

Ahh the perfect Summer’s Day.

Unique Wedding Dresses a Colourful Splash!

Bring it on.


Wai Ching

Allesandro Couture


Christina Craft

Yolan Cris

Fairy Goth – Photo’s by Emma Lucy Photography

Janie Barclay Photography

Tim Walker Photography

Gallery Serpentine

Ideas Box

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

And just one more because she’s my favourite, most incredibly talented photographers who continues to inspire me as a woman, as a woman who loves her camera and as a woman who adores fashion!  She is the ultimate 🙂

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Unique Wedding Dresses


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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