Flowers add a scrumptious, beautiful, stylish and sometimes exotic feel to your wedding. Their details and texture, depending on what flowers you choose can create an entirely different atmosphere to your wedding and personally for me, the more unique the flowers the better!

I adore fruit in bouquets and on tables all intertwined with exotic tropical flowers like Waratahs and flowers like the Protea as they are so beautifully touchy-feely… and this bouquet is an absolutely stunning example of what I love because the exotic flowers and the simple use of black ribbon make this unique wedding bouquet a fashion statement fused in creative style!


Photo by the superb Ashleigh Taylor Photography
Wedding photography tip: The use of lace as the background makes this photo soft, sensual and feminine. Had it been placed on a white or jet black background you would not get the same effect and you’d loose the whole ‘feel’ of the photo that the lace gives. 

Creative bouquets add such beautiful, stylish details to your wedding. How creative will you get? What’s your ultimate wedding bouquet! Have you got a perfect flower that is the ‘must-have’ in your wedding and would you think of using fruit, buttons, brooches and other unique ideas?

Zarn x