With an addiction to tiaras and headwear, searching for my headpiece for my vow renewal in August has been an absolute ball, as well as a really hard feat. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t find it and that’s quit often where I go wrong – I’m not fussy, but once I have an idea in my mind I just won’t stop until I find it – and after hours of searching I happened to accidentally stumbled upon this.

The piece I finally chose is GORGEOUS!!! And, I’m in love with it.  But searching for it was truly the fun part because it took me on a wonderful, magical journey, stopping off along the way at some beautifully made bridal tiaras and headwear designers by some very talented creatives, one of whom I am showcasing today.

Jannie Baltzer is heavily influenced by my favourite era, the 20’s and to boot, Hollywood Glamour! Her work is made with beaufiul materials like French lace, silk and beautiful chiffon, adorned with stunning hand made beadwork using world leading Preciosa crystals and pearls. Her bridal headwear is beautiful and I was hard pressed to go past her work until my final stumble as I was looking for a 20’s inspired piece with beautiful Art Deco influence.  And although my chosen piece from a wonderful Scottish company was my final choice, Jannie’s site held me captive for quite sometime.  Just have a look at these beautiful pieces…

Bridal tiaras and gorgeous headwear

I don’t know about you but choosing jewellery of any kind is one of those things that is quite organic: it just happens! I know it when I see it and I love it when I do.

However chosing my accessories for our vow renewal has been a challenge! I’m not a Bride per say but close enough and this is such an important occasion, like your wedding day, I put undue pressure on my choice – and questioned them along the way, whereas ordinarily I would see a piece of jewellery, fall in love and buy it very confidently, this time I’ve questioned, I’ve ‘umped and ahh’d’ and driven myself crazy questioning my choice.  Isn’t it funny how the pressure of an event can make you questions your choices? It’s been a very emotional ride too as I had to consider the dress, other accessories and my doo: my hairstyle.  But through gritted teeth and squinting at my iMac screen to check out close up details, I finally got there and I’m so pleased because when it arrived last week I was transfromed into that alter ego of mine – that screaming girly-girl excitedly jumping up and down ready to dance on the table-top, holding my stunning, GORGEOUS bling in a box! And I am itching to show it to you!!!

Have a wonderful day and do let me know if you find any other jewellery designers you love because I’m like one of those Australian Bowerbird, gathering sparkly bling from every corner of the world for her nest 🙂

I can’t wait to show it to you.  In the meantime I hope you love Jannie’s work as much as I do.  I hope your choice of bridal headwear is easier than mine 🙂



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