I am so excited this morning that I have already downed three cups of tea, two pieces of toast and now crave a delicious croissant. Why am I excited?  Because today Bridettes and dedicated readers of ours, we bring you our very first blog post from (drum roll) Stacey-Marie from Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings. Yay!!! Stacey-Marie has an enormous passion for weddings and all things creative and she knows exactly how to ensure your wedding is unique to you.

We feel quite honoured that Stacey-Marie has stopped by for a while to give you what we have affectionately called her ‘little nuggets of gold’, that is, her knowledge and experience in the industry and how it will help you. Look at it this way, you now get your very own wedding planner right here, as our special guest, at Alice In Weddingland and we’re so proud to have her here.  Stacey-Marie’s experience will help guide you through the enormity that is planning your wedding and will give you some amazing little nuggets of information.

So, grab your latte or the biggest cuppa tea you have and sit back and soak up our new ray of sunshine.  Here she is…

From the desk of Stacey-Marie Chalk, Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings

As an independent wedding planner I quite often get asked the question, “What should we do and what should we have for our wedding?” To which my response is something along the lines of, “You should have and do what you love and will enjoy most!”

One of the reasons I started my own wedding planning business was my passion to help couples realise that following the same wedding ‘ritual’ and feeling like their wedding day could only be one way, which might not be their way, needn’t be the case. There are a few restrictions which we all have to work within such as the laws around marriage and the music and licensing laws. Aside from that your wedding can be pretty much anything you would like it to be.

Images from left to right: Kerry Morgan, B&W Image by Claudine Hartzel,

Your wedding will naturally be about your love for each other first and foremost, it can be as simple, as lavish or as weird and wonderful as you would like it to be. Let it tell your guests something about you as individuals and as a couple. There are trends in the wedding industry as with any creative industry. Trends might be right up your street or far from what you would wish for. You don’t have to follow the trends just because it is fashionable! Be true to yourselves, if you aren’t then you will end up feeling uncomfortable on your own wedding day. If you love vintage go for it, if not then don’t. If you enjoy DIY spend your days collecting and creating, if not don’t put yourself under that pressure.

Don’t follow traditions if you don’t want to. Take all, leave all or have a pick ‘n’ mix of them – why not! If you are a stickler for tradition then get hold of a copy of Debrett’s wedding guide. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then do things in a way that will work for you as a couple. You don’t have to have a welcome line, you don’t have to have a traditional top table, and you don’t have to have a cutting of the cake ceremony.

Images by Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings

So you want your wedding to be unique? Then just be yourselves! Every one of us is unique in our own way, and by the very nature it follows that your wedding will be unique. The styling and design of your wedding should enhance this, but make sure it doesn’t hinder it. Don’t think too hard, let ideas and thoughts come naturally. By all means be inspired by things around you, this is quite often where we find ideas that bring our thoughts to reality. You will develop your own unique way.

I have started to see couples thinking differently about their wedding day. You aren’t restricted to civil venues or churches, you don’t have to have a 3 course meal, you don’t have to get married at 2pm, and you don’t have to do speeches during the wedding breakfast. Think about whether you would like to have a blessing in a location of more meaning to you (with the legal registration done separately), you could have an afternoon tea or rustic fish and chips, why not get married at 5pm followed by cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, have speeches during your drinks reception so your wedding party can relax, or don’t have them at all!

Image by Kerry Morgan

So how do you have a wedding which expresses you as couple and consists of what you love and enjoy most? Firstly ask yourselves a few questions:

  • What things, places, ideas do you love, enjoy and make you happy
  • What experiences have you had together which could inspire your wedding
  • What are your priorities for your wedding day
  • What do you love and hate about weddings
  • Are there any meaningful and personal details and touches that you must have
  • What atmosphere do you want to create for your guests
  • What traditions would you like to have/ not have
  • What colours, materials, look and feel do you love
  • How much money do you have to pay for it without going into debt!

Write the answers down somewhere where you can both go back to them throughout your planning process. You will be faced with lots of inspiration and marketing from all sorts of sources as well as influences and opinions from family and friends; you can easily be lead astray from your original true wishes and sensible budget!

Image by Claudine Hartzel

Image by Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings

So… following trends, following traditions or being unique all just for the sake of it I would advise against. You don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to have anything! Do what is right for you, be true to yourselves, follow your hearts and make sure you don’t start your married lives together in debt!

Stacey-Marie x

Photography credits:  Kerry Morgan Photographer  |  Claudine Hartzel Photographer  |  Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings




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