Trash The Dress (TTD) shoots are such an awesome way to get back into that gorgeous wedding dress you own! After all, you invest so much emotion, mental energy and money into a dress that you only get to wear once so why not, a year later on your anniversary or any day, go and create another special memory!

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shoot was shot by the frabjous duo that is The Emerics, fabulous Hubby and Wife team Jessie and Jason have created a beautiful, what I consider to be a more ‘subtle‘ kind of Trash The Dress shoot where your dress really doesn’t get trashed. But it’s not really about trashing the dress anyway. A TTD shoot is not necessarily about getting paint on it or ruining your wedding dress beyond recognition, although these shoots are amazing and I think the Brides who are daring enough to do this are awesome. I for one can only imagine paint splatters on my dress being accompanied by a waterfall of tears as I sit rocking back and forth in moments of upset, but I would however love to jump in the ocean with my wedding dress on. {Scribbles down in my notepad under the section ‘Life’s goals’… jump – in – ocean – with – dress – on!}.

TTD’s started because Brides wanted to get back into their wedding dress and not leave it in the attic for years to gather dust. It’s not about ‘trashing’t it and some shoots like this one are also termed ‘rock the frock’. These shoots enable you to get into that stunning dress your chose and wear it and get photographed in it, without the pressures of your wedding day! These post-wedding shoots really are your best excuse ever, to get that dress back on!!

But if you’re up for it, like I hope I am, you can really Trash The Dress in style: like swimming in the ocean, paintballing, roller coasting, or even firebreathing {not sure I’m that game} 🙂

Trash The Dress

You’re the model, in a stunning wedding dress, showing it off with your personality and having the time of your life, again!

It’s about you, it’s about a location you love and it’s about putting the ‘You’ in You-nique and throwing in a large dose of you two having a blast!

A little from The Emerics:

Ashley & Mike came from Central California to be married in fabulous Las Vegas! They tied the knot at Ceaser’s Palace but Ashely wanted something completely different from the wedding venue for her Trash the Dress/Just Married Session so, the next day we headed out with them to an old mining town that is full of lots of rusty cars, a cool water tower, and other amazing backgrounds. It was a perfect way for the couple to get those edgy and totally unique wedding images they wanted without the pressure of the wedding day. It was perfect!

Frabjous creatives:

Reception Venue:  El Dorado Mine and Ghost Town
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer:  Project U (Etsy)

Whenever I publish Trash The Dress shoots, the most common feedback is “you’ll never get me to Trash The Dress” and I soooooo get it, but ladies, I emplore you to consider a Trash The Dress shoot.  Unless you choose it to be paintballing or rolling in muddy puddles, that beautiful designer gown that you spent ‘loads’ of money on won’t be ruined because it’s up to you ‘how‘ you choose to trash it. Imagine wearing it again, remembering your wedding day while having the time of your life again, and having more stunning photos of you guys to hang in the lounge!

A Trash The Dress shoot is a photo shoot with you in your wedding outifts again without the pressure of the big day behind you. And think of it this way, imagine, a year later on your anniversary… your taste has changed, you love the dress but this time you rock it by changing the accessories. You throw on your leather biker style jacket, don your Docs on your tootsies and hire a Harley Davidson for a shoot! Wowza!! Or maybe throw on your converse, put a colour belt around your dress, throw on a blazer and walk the streets of Paris with your photographer – Trashing your dress is your photo shoot in your dress, doing it your way!!!

I love it!!!

Would you do it? Pleeeeease, someone say you will 🙂