A Trash The Dress shoot, so what is it, really?  Is is going out on a photo shoot somewhere to do something dramatic, like lie across a railway crossing?  Or maybe going to the local paintball association and having a blast at the dress?

A Trash The Dress shoot is simply putting on your wedding outfit sometime after the wedding (even the very next day) and taking your photographer to a location of your choice and posing, in whatever manner you like, however you like and getting some stunning photos of you, Hubby and your stunning dress!  You could even put Hubby in your pyjamas if you wish to.  A Trash The Dress is for you and the dress and whatever or whoever else you’d like in the photos.  That’s it!!! But if you’re brave and wish to paintball or lay over railway tracks or jump in the ocean with it on, please give me a call!  I love posting those shoots *grinning wildly*!!

Today I have a stunning Trash The Dress shoot for you photographed by the Bride and Groom themselves, Sach and Jmayel who together make up Eden Exposed Media are both photographers. They were married in the Moroccan Desert ad two days after the wedding they drove into the Sahara Desert with some friends to shoot their own Trash The Dress shoot and the results are simples stunning!!!

To find out more about Eden Exposed Media, their photography or cinematography then give Sach or Jmayel a shout via their Facebook page or twitter.  And if you didn’t see their cinematic wedding trailer from yesterday’s post, you MUST!!! It is beautiful!!!