I am not a royal follower and I have to admit I was one of those people who was fed up with all the hype over The Royal Wedding well before the big day.  But I did sneek a peek on the day at the televised footage and much to my biggest surprise wept at the site of Prince William’s hand gently comforting his Brides hand shortly after sitting down in the Bridal Car together.  It was a surprising, momentus moment for me and even Pickles ran up to the TV, as close as she could, and with her delicate little finger pointed to the wedding couple and said “Mummy a Princess!”.

It is, not matter how much you love it or hate it, the most wonderfully celebrated wedding of all time.

When I heard that the Royal Wedding display was now open at Buckingham Palace (I will be going!!) I had to let you all know!  This is a must see because of the incredible creative talent that went into this wedding!  Dress makers, shoe makers, jewellery designers, cake makers – all incredibly talented people creating exquisite detail!

And here is what they made:

Simply stunning detail in both the shoes and the dress.  The shoes were hand-stitched by designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and were made to fit Kate’s feet exquisitely.  For those who are curious – her peeps are a size five and a half.

The dress all ready to go on show – the symmetry between the veil and the dress is impeccable! I am gushing at these pics I have to admit – something I truly didn’t expect.

Look at the detail in the veil, it is simply visionary, true fairytale detail:  58 gazar buttons run from the collar to the waist on the gown.  Kate Middleton’s veil is made of soft ivory silk tulle and also stitched with flowers.  Hand cut flower lace appliqués were applied all the way around the edge of the veil to match the lace on her dress.

Adorned with jewels this 1936 Cartier tiara was loaned to Kate by the Queen and contains 1,000 glittering diamonds.  Yes please!  Hands up those who’d like to borrow this one! (My hand is so high in the sky right now :-)).

A beautiful view!

The cake made by Fiona Cairns and her team took 5 weeks to make.  It has 8 layers and was centred on a spectacular mirror to enhance its enormity.  The top three layers of the cake are replicas and two of the layers will be saved for the couple’s first child’s Christening, as tradition! Awe! Again!

The team assemble the 8 layers.

Awe!  Romantic or what – the first cut!

And finally the silk version of her flowers – dainty, feminine and elegant.

I hope you enjoyed a peep into this fairytale wedding – I did.  I think I will stare at these photos over a cuppa now and enjoy the artistry that made this incredible wedding through it’s detail, just what we love here at Alice In Weddingland.

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