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Royal Exchange, Bank

For all you fashion lovers out there, how about getting married surrounded by some of the worlds finest luxury brands. The Royal Exchange, Bank, London is a fabulous wedding space, a truly stunning venue with huge amounts of style and character and it’s definitely a unique place to have your special day.

The grand entrance has the wow factor and would be fantastic for photos. Inside the building is sooo beautiful with 3 floors and a glass ceiling, the word grand doesn’t do it justice!

The Royal Exchange, Bank photos


I found these wonderful pictures by Marianne Taylor a fabulous photographer that showcases the The Royal Exchange so well, I love that there is so much space to utilise and you can go to town on flowers and table centres because of the size of the venue, they can be as big and as bold as you want, the bigger the better I say!

The wedding pictured above has used glass lanterns to line the entrance of the building which looks gorgeous, soft candle light to set the romantic mood, which could then be carried through to the stupendous inside. I would lurrvv to be able to theme and style a wedding at The Royal Exchange, just the building itself makes it for a magnificent wedding and how about having a tree with your wedding place cards hanging from it? Now, that would be a show stopper!!

Kate x