A frabjous good morning to you this morning! Yep, I’m a happy little bird this morning because I can now shout out to the world (finally, phew) as I have the absolute honour (and I sincerely do mean that) to introduce you to my incredibly talented, uniquely stylish, new, advertisers – The new A-Team!!!

Styling up the wedding  blog

These frabjous people have been hand-picked by me to become part of my new, exciting breed of wedding blog advertisers. They’re part of what I’m calling The new A-Team (Alice Team, don’t you love it!). These incredibly talented wedding professionals aren’t just here to be a pretty face on the side-bar of the wedding blog instead they will be joining me in my new (dare I say it – fantastical, ground-breaking, innovative (ok, I’ll stop 🙂 )) project which launches in a few weeks.

This new project has been designed for you, my Brides2B, and is the first of it’s kind in the world! And it’s EXCITING! (Sorry about that, caps can sometimes shout a little too loud, but I’m really, really excited!!! So excited I want to spill the beans now – but – I – must – wait!!!).

My personal recommendation on the wedding blog

These guys all have my personal recommendation. Although I may not have tried all of their products personally, I have researched, read and stomped my little feet all over their websites and Facebook pages to check them out (hehe, they didn’t know this until now). And I’ve dealt with them personally over email and Social Media and I would be happy to include every one of them in the planning of my own wedding day. This is why they’re on the Alice in Weddingland wedding blog.

I’m proud to showcase their uniqueness, they’re style, their talent and to recommend them as suppliers who could help you create that special something on your wedding day.

So, without further adieu, give it up for the new A-Team (Alice Team, in case you’ve forgotten already :-)):

Making your day perfect – The A-Team!

In alphabetical order:

Alex Kilbee Photography

AliceInWeddingland - Advertiser - AlexKilbee

I am absolutely over the big-fat-moon that Alex has come on board the Alice In Weddingland wedding blog to showcase his addictive photography. The tag-line on his website says it all for me… “The essence of emotion”! It’s true. That’s exactly what your wedding photography should be; power-packed full of shots that show emotion, that evoke emotion and that capture the beating heart of your day. And Alex does just that.

For me the 2nd most important element of choosing your wedding photographer has to be that you get on with them too. After reading Alex’s ‘About Me’ page (you must go and read it), I was hooked – he sounds like immense fun; his sense of humour jumps at you from the page and he seems like what us Aussies call a ‘True Blue’ – the real thing! You’ll have your wedding day in safe hands with Alex!

Check out his portfolio on his website and chat him up on his Facebook page 🙂

Artemis Stationery


Bespoke anything is divine! Bespoke stationery for your wedding is even more divine; seeing your names dripping off the paper like a salutation to your romance is just… well… soooo romantic and Nathan from Artemis Stationery has been putting the paper in “I Do” since designing his first invitations for his brother’s wedding years ago.

Taking inspiration from architecture right through to his back garden Nathan works with you to design invitations that reflect you, your style and your personality and that’s why he’s also here on the Alice in Weddingland wedding blog.

Your wedding stationery really is the first Chapter in your wedding story; it’s the invitations or Save The Date’s that entice your guests into dreaming about what your big day will be like so it’s really important you create something beautifully younique.  Nathans stunning work will do just that. From Art Deco designed invitations to stunning nature inspired table plans Nathan’s expertise will create the start of your bespoke story, beautifully.

Check out Nathan’s website or Facebook page to see more of his gorgeous work and say hello!



Photo: New Horizons Photograpy

I‘m a little bit giggly over Benessamy! You see, I’m an advocate for wedding planners!!! And I’m really excited to be showing off Val from Benessamy’s work on this wedding blog. Did you know that a wedding planner can save you up to a third of your budget, even after including their fees in your planning. Pretty cool ha!

Until you undertake it, you’ll never really grasp the enormity that is planning your wedding day and unless you have the time (oodles of it) to stroll down the planning aisle yourself, you will get stressed, you will pull out more than a handful of teeny hairs off your head and you will wish you’d hired a wedding planner. And don’t forget, they’re stylists themselves and have oodles of experience that takes years to gather and they have the best little black books in town – and now she’s on the Alice in Weddingland wedding blog, I think I’ll have to hit her up for some of her other unique suppliers!

Val from Benessamy Wedding Planning and Events absolutely adores planning weddings and loves nothing more than to get her hands on every aspect of planning your day right through to helping with the finer details on the day itself (see above pic). From venue searches right through to styling your day, Val has the kind of expertise that money ordinarily can’t buy – only this time, you can.

To contact the lovely Val check out her website and say hello on her Facebook page.

Carla Thomas Photography


Carla is a London based wedding photographer who oozes creativity and uniqueness in her wedding photography. It’s clear her expertise lies in the art of capturing the person (as the photo above beautifully demonstrates). Her style of wedding photography is a blend of reportage and creative portraiture and she thrives on getting photos that capture who you are, not just what you look like.

Most photographers are really good at one particular aspect of photography and what I absolutely adore about Carla’s work is her ability to evoke emotion in the viewer in her portraits – she captures moments, beautiful moments and that’s up there with my top 5 most important aspects of a wedding photographer!

To see more of Carla’s work please do check out her website or Facebook page and get in touch for a chat – she’s so lovely!!!

Dragonfly Couture Stationery


Curiouser and curiouser! It doesn’t get much better than that now does it? But it does. I now have four, really super talented couture stationers supporting Alice In Weddingland, all with different styles, different techniques but all producing superb quality wedding invitations.

The wonderful Ling from Dragonfly Couture Stationery has been effortlessly creating wedding stationery since 2004 with her delicious styling and unique techniques she can create bespoke words on paper like you’ve never seen before.

Whether you wish to wow your guests with bold graphic designs, sophisticated letterpress stationery or indulge in a frabjous couture creation, Dragonfly will work with you to create stunning stationery to complement the mood and moment of your big day.

Ling’s work is unique, sophisticated and quite irresistible. Check out more of her work on her website or Facebook page.

Fancy Features

unique wedding day ideas - AIW

Giant colouring in – that is what I call Unique Creative Entertainment; I LOOOOOVE this!! Fancy Features has to be one of the most unique, inventive, creative and stylishly accessible wedding ideas on the market. If you want a spectacular crowd stopper on your wedding day (besides you two of course) THIS IS IT!!!

Picture this, your guests walk through the door of the Reception Venue expecting to just sit around and drink wine while you’re off getting your stunning wedding photography done ,waiting, waiting, waiting until you arrive. Instead, with a Fancy Features giant colouring in, you arrive and your guests are having the time of their life colouring in your first piece of art that will adorn your lounge room wall as a married couple! Ahh, peachy!!!

What could be more therapeutic, more fun and more engaging than GIANT colouring in! I’d have a giant Alice In Wonderland meets Chanel version!! And you can create your own image or choose from Maria’s amazing collection. Have fun the unique way!

Check out all the styles you can choose from on the Fancy Features website and get in touch with the creative genius behind the idea, Maria, on her Facebook page.

French Made

unique catering for weddings - AIW

Is you’re mouth watering? I know mine did when I saw this photo. And then straight after that my beady little eyes spotted that stunning fork, gently embedding itself into that beautiful little fancy! And this is the kind of detail that Lauren creates at French Made, her London based desert table company.

Combining tradition, creativity and uniqueness and serving it up in exquisite style is what Lauren does. And you can thank her love of food, style, fashion and all things quirky for her incredible talent. Specialising in alternative, rustic, shabby chic and vintage inspired design she can work with you to make your special occasion personalised and truly memorable. I haven’t yet tasted any of Lauren’s goods although I think I may have just by looking at it!!

Get in touch with Lauren on her website or Facebook page and say ‘Hi’ or even ‘Bonjour’. It’s time to impress your guests!

Gillian Cross Photography


With a fabulous eye for detail and expertise in design and all things crafty, your wedding album is sure to be stunning and uniquely beautiful. Gillian is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and has been photographing couples on their wedding day for 12 years and still gets the same joy out of it every time she shoots her couples.

Gillian is one of those photographers that makes you feel at home on your wedding day. She seamlessly takes the shots while you just get on with it and have the time of your life and when you look at her photos you instantly recognise the calmness that her photography brought to your wedding day.

Her images are beautiful, feminine and artistically perfected. Check out Gillian’s website and Facebook page and say “Hello”!

Icy Lazare Photography


You, you and more about you.” This is what Icy wrote on her website and in true Alice in Weddingland style, this is precisely what your wedding should be – ‘all about you’.

If you’re looking for the ‘coolness’ factor then how about this: Icy used to play the Bass guitar, professionally, before she arrived at her artistic passion of wedding photography. So if you fancy having a jam afterwards and inviting Icy to come up on stage and play with your wedding band, then you might be in for a few surprises, not least of all the spectacular wedding photographs you’ll get at the end!

To check out more of Icy’s work see her portfolio on her website and of course say “Hi” on Facebook.

LolaRose Photography


Lola Rose, the name kind of tells you straight away what the photos will be like right? Or is it just me? For me it conjures up pictures of femininity, beauty, sultry sunlit nights, beautiful flowers, sophisticated colours, gorgeous adornments and love! The perfect recipe for beautiful photos!!! And Kelly does just that!

The gorgeous Kelly (whom I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting) is the talent behind the lens at Lola Rose Photography. She is a brilliantly down-to-earth, super lovely woman who is passionate about her photography and the gift that she gives her couples. Using a mix of reportage and traditional styles Kelly captures beautiful moments that when pieced together produce a stunning legacy for her couples.

Intimate, refreshing and beautiful, every picture tells a story!

Check out more of Kelly’s shots on her website and let her tell your story. Oh, and don’t forget to chat over on Facebook.

Pamela Reed Photography


Infusing artistic style with photojournalism Pam reflects moments; your moments. Blending energy and emotion, her photography oozes style, sophistication and a unique creativity that I adore. With everlasting reflections of moments in time from laughter, to tears to moments of bliss she is a seasoned pro. With over 30 years in the biz Pamela takes your wedding, wraps it in you and gives it back in a beautiful album.

I love her work and I love her enthusiasm. Some people in life you know you were meant to meet along lifes journey and she is just that – she is infectious, as is her work.

Check out more of her work on her website and do say “Howdy” on her Facebook page.

Off to check out The A-Team!

I invite you to check out their websites, like them on Facebook and get chatting; all in the spirit of getting to know some super talented people. Theses guys join my already A-Team of advertisers Wendy Bell Designs, RSVP Candy, Chris Seddon Photography and Louise Holgate Photography who have been with me for a while now! Give them all a shout and say hi!

Something special this way comes

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 1st March because I’ve got something pretty spectacular coming your way!!! It’s going to be amazing. Not only is it my baby girls 5th birthday that day (which is why I choose that beautiful day to launch) but you’ll get a one-of-a-kind on the blog that day!

Have a fabulous day Sugar-plums!


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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