How could I resist a post all about tea favours?  For an obsessed tea addict like moi this would be the perfect favour at my wedding.  I would have a little tea pot filled to the brim with leaf tea on each table setting.  Each little tea pot would have a different type of tea so all the guests could sniff away happily at the tables.

Gone are the daggy pink, white and blue almonds which hung around for so many years adorning wedding tables {mine included} and in are edible and non-edible unique creations that you give away instead.  But I have to admit, I am a lover of the idea of keeping it edible or drinkable and if you’re the same, now you can get tea favours! {I’m doing my dance of joy right now}.

For Alice In Wonderland fans, you can get the most gorgeous little Top Hats filled with Mad Hatter Tea! Seriously!  Literally, Mad Hatter Tea.  Haven’t you heard of them?  Hmm, let me invite you Down The Rabbit Hole…

The Mad Hatter favour

The Mad Hatter Tea Company sprang to life from the pages of Lewis Carroll’s frabjous book… In 1999 Madison Hatter “left home in Richmond, Yorkshire where Lewis Carroll’s genius was first discovered and embarked on a quest to find the ultimate blend of tea. After 10 years of painstaking research I developed a combination of Indian and African teas which produce a unique richness of colour and exquisite depth of taste.

Today when you drink Mad Hatter Tea you can taste the freshness of quality that harks back to Victorian England where the benchmark was simply quality.” 

Whether you have an Alice In Wonderland wedding full of Lewis Carroll inspiration or not, these stunning little top hats will look like adorable, elegant little gentleman greeting your guests as they sit down.

The Teapig favour

And if top hats aren’t’ your thing but your a tea addict like me, you could always give away Piglets! No, not the cute, pink kind, the tea kind.  The yummy Teapigs brand of tea are now introducing their Piglet tea boxes as favours for weddings and parties.  You can choose Earls, Lady’s, Chai’s, Peppermints, Popcorn {you have to try it to believe it}, Darjeeling, Breakfast and many more black and herbal teas to choose from.

“Nick and Louise started Teapigs in November 2006. They met whilst working for a really big tea company, where they learned all about tea and drank lots of it. And the more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they came to realise something: that there’s a whole world of quality teas out there that simply aren’t getting the attention they deserve. And so teapigs was born”.

I drink tea, I love tea, I have many teacups {probably too many} and my new obsession is teapots and finding the right one: that one that pours beautifully and holds the warmth just long enough for me to have a second cup.  There is nothing more comforting that the sound of the kettle boiling and the smell of a brew so enchant your guests with the gift of tea.

Happy brewing everybody, I’m off to put the kettle on!!!



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