Good morning readers!  And what a lovely morning it is.  And why am I so chirpy, well I’m off to meet the amazing designer who is making my bespoke dress for our vow renewal in August (eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk) and I am a little bit excited.

No, that’s a lie, I am incredibly, ridiculously, monstrously (I know strange word to use right?) excited!!! I promise I will reveal all soon, very, very soon.  Ten years ago Rob and I couldn’t have the wedding of our dreams so since then I’ve been determined to make our ten year anniversary the wedding of our dreams and so far, with the incredibly talented team of people who have so generously donated their time and amazing talents, my dream is coming true and today is a nervous and tickle-me-pink excited kind of day.  I’ve never had the opportunity of having a dress designed for me, I never, ever thought it possible!  But I am!  And I feel like I’m in a dream, a blissfuly, don’t wake me up kind of dream.

So while I’m off to calm my nerves and have my dreams come true with my all girly giggly experience, and, to finally, ten years after getting married, try on a a real wedding dress, I have a frabjous treat install for you today which just-so-happens to include another stunning Gallery Serpentine corset!  (You know my corset obsession will never leave this blog, I do apologise in advance 🙂 )

As you all know I love photography and fashion and when the two mix together in a symmetry that only perfection can bring, you get photo shoots like this.  I adore Fine Art and am starting to bring a lot more of it to Alice In Weddingland through showcasing some incredibly talented photographers from around the world starting with todays shoot.

The Black Swan Lake

The ‘Black Swan Lake‘ photo shoot is part of series called “I’m late to the wedding because…” by Angelica Peady Photography back home in the wonderfully sunny Australia.  Coupled with some amazingly creative crew Angie has managed a stunning visual concept of the Black Swan Lake and has produced a high-end “fusion of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the modern movie release Black Swan” says Angie.

“It’s a story of love – and a story of loss. The beautiful swan is doomed, never to make it to her nuptials after being cursed by an evil witch. Her story is one of chaos and madness, a decline from both sanity and grace as she loses hope of being rescued by her lover and accepts her fate – trapped forever without salvation.

This fabulous concept was the brainchild of Lea Moate of Willow Tree Creative and it was our great pleasure to collaborate with her to achieve a set of images that could visually represent the story. The challenges in fine art photography are in capturing the moods of the protagonist and we are excited with the end result – sultry, moody and emotive.”

And here it is:

The corset! THE CORSET!!!

I get so crazily, excited over photos, I really do and I can be a little stubborn sometimes as I just know what I like and this shoot by Angelica Peady is pure art: it tells a story, a beautifully engaging story – just like your wedding photos should.  Fine art, photo shoots, stunning visual photography, that’s where my love lies and this is why I love showcasing it on the unique wedding blog.  If I can help inspire your wedding by showcasing beautiful imagery, then I’m doing my job well and I have to admit, it is a pure, labour of love!!

However, *nerves kicking in* I must fly as I have a little girl to take to pre school and then an hours drive to the wonderfully talented Mrs X (soon to be revealed).  Wish me luck!!!

Are you/did you have your dress designed for you?  How did you feel?  If you have any advice to calm my nerves, please let me know!!! 🙂

Frabjous Creatives:

Photographic Styling:  Willow Tree Creative Services
Photography: Angelica Peady Photography
Costume:  Gallery Serpentine
Make Up: Jazmina Daniel
Model & Aerial Artist: Emma Goh.


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