This mornings post is purely for inspiration: inspiration for you, the Bride, in case you’d ever wondered what sort of props can make your wedding photos stand out, look glam, dramatic and enhance your wedding photos. ‘The Brolly’ (umbrella) looks stunning in wedding photos and today I’ve got a few for you as super examples of how they can look.

And inspiration for photographers. Maybe you’re looking for new ways to work with your couples with props like an umbrella so here’s a few examples from some frabjous photographers to check out.

Wedding props

I love props and there is nothing more exciting than incorporating wedding props into your wedding day photos. They can change the mood, glam up the shot and make your wedding photos dramatic, exciting, fun, romantic and sooo much more.

We did it with the most gorgeous, silver, heart shaped umbrellas from Aye Do {check out the pic below}. There is something exciting about seeing wedding photos with signs, or umbrellas or even sofas like a chaise lounge in them. And when they’re styled with the wedding colours they can add a dramatic or romantic feel to the photo and, lets be honest, you can even feel like you’re in your very own Vogue photo shoot 🙂 or was that just me!

So, I thought I’d gather a few spectacular wedding shots using my favourite prop, the umbrella.

The humble history of The Brolly

But first, did you know that the umbrella (brolly where I come from) or parasol in the late 5th century was purely used by Greecian woman as a fashion accessory. Fast forward a few, or should I say quite a few years to the 19th Century and the Chinese learnt how to waterproof it. Clever chaps thought it should do more than look good and hence it became more of an item for practical use an less for fashion.

Move into modern day and the humble umbrella is merging into a fusion of it’s own history, becoming much more of a practical fashion accessory than purely for keeping the rain off our perfectly sculpted doos. I love umbrellas! They can change a mood, change a look and are most definately a fashion statement.

Wedding photos and the umbrella

In wedding photography an umbrella can add romance, they can add a taste of style and they can add colour to your wedding. A retro twist here, a vintage twist there or they can do what I love – add an exciting splash of colour to your wedding photos – think bright red or rainbow coloured umbrella with your neutral coloured wedding dress. Or like we did, incorporate the colour scheme (ours was peach and grey, hence the silver heart) into the brolly.

Have fun with your props and grab a brolly, even if you are in the middle of a heat wave! It adds a totally new dimension to your wedding photos.

Photo by Shaw Shots

Photo by Viva Wedding Photography

Photo by Viva Wedding Photography

Photo by Alex Kilbee Photography

Photo by Alex Kilbee Photography


Photo by Peacock Pix

Photo by Luca Bella

Photo by 
Viva Wedding Photography

Photo by Kerry Morgan


Photo by 
Peacock Pix

Photo by Natalie Moser

It just goes to show how the humble brolly is becoming a much wanted wedding photo prop; a very exciting addition to wedding photography. I love it! What do you think?

Are you thinking about using a brolly? What’s your ideas for some shots.  Any photographers, please do leave your ideas in the comments below as we all love your input and ideas, don’t we girls!!!


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