Finding the perfect wedding shoes is a must, however if you are struggling to find them, then look no further because I have found a solution to your problem!

Bespoke shoe making services icanmakeshoes.com and upperstreet.com.

When I was getting married, I really struggled to find the perfect wedding shoes because I have size 9 feet! I trawalled through magazines and would find shoes that I loved and then be very dissappointed because they never come bigger than a size 8, so this service would have been a god send to me.

The wonderful thing about these shoe making companies is that are bespoke and therefore fit all shapes, sizes and budgets. Here is background info on both companies:

I Can Make Shoes

“I CAN make shoes offer a bespoke wedding shoe service. Aiming to create a timeless piece that you will keep forever, we work with the bride to design and create the perfect shoes for your special day from concept through to finished product. We target things in wedding shoes that can be often overlooked, comfort and support are imperative as brides are usually on their feet all day and most of the time into the night, we use memory foam insoles and have multiple fittings throughout the making process to ensure that they are perfect”. – I Can Make Shoes


“Certifiable shoe obsessives and sisters Julia and Katy were frustrated by fruitless shopping trips to find the perfect shoe. They wanted a way to bring their own shoe design ideas to life. So they hit on the idea of UpperStreet.com, where women could create their own unique pair of beautiful handmade designer shoes from the comfort of their home.

Upper Street’s launch range of classic designs with a contemporary twist was developed by Rosa Fior, a leading London-based shoe designer who has worked for major designer brands such as Paul Smith and Emma Hope.

Julia and Katy strive to make UpperStreet.com a place where design, quality and individuality merge. They take huge pleasure in enabling women to design and wear shoes that will make them feel unique and special.” – Upperstreet

If you have a spare ten minutes, have a look at Upperstreet.com, you can build your perfect pair of wedding shoes, going through the individual steps, chosing the shape, the heel, the colour, the strap style etc. and voila, you have your shoes, it’s brilliant.

Let me know how you get on.

Kate x


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