Steampunk wedding jewellery: from the subtle to the sublime

A few months ago I heard the word Steampunk for the very first time…and now, I’m a tad bit addicted to the idea!  If you’ve never heard of it and want to know a little about it you can read it on a previous post but today I want to showcase stunning Steampunk Jewellery by an extremely talented lady.  But first, for those who are new to Steampunk…

What is Steampunk?  What is a Steampunk wedding? Well, it’s an eclectic mix of Victorian Science Fiction – in a nutshell 🙂 Think Victorian-inspired wonders like steam-powered aircraft and mechanical computers. Think Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, think Victorian dress and of course :-) think Alice In Wonderland!!!

And if you haven’t yet checked out what a Steampunk wedding could look like have a look at the corset I’m lusting after in the Steampunk Wedding Shoot by Angie Peady from Aus.  The dress is amazing, the regency coat is just divine and the accessories give you a great idea as to how you could incorporate elements into your wedding.

Steampunk, isn’t just for stemapunk fans. The accessories are whimsical and vintage and include metals, Cameo, clocks and much more.  If you’re considering adding a little piece of Steampunk to your wedding you can do it subtly or with a bang by utilising the accessories (oh I love bling) that are avavilable on the internet now and Aranwen whom I found on Etsy recently, produces some of the best I’ve found yet.  Her use of metals is stunning and even the chunkier pieces still ooze that feminine edge.

Steampunk wedding jewellery from Aranwen

I am drooling over these two – I love the cuff watch, now that deserves the word spectacular.  And the watch pendant ohhhhh, my hands are tittering very close to my wallet 🙂 And for those who adore cameo like me…

Steampunk wedding jewellery is not just about hard lines and rough metal, it is more about the intricate designs from eras gone by.  There are some tacky designs out in google-world but there are amazing creators out there like Aranwen who can make any piece bespoke for you and your wedding.

Aranwens Etsy store is packed with jewellery inspired from Jules Verne to J.R.R. Tolkien and is an eclectic mix of earrings, necklaces and chokers to pocket watches and brooches.  Her work is beautifully finished and meticulously designed.  I love it all and I really, really want the pocket watch and the cameo cuff!!!

Steampunk wedding jewellery is (pardon the pun) timeless.  From Victorian cameo, Swarovski crystals and pearls to Art Nouveau stampings and stunning filigree that all combine to create statement pieces.



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