I just wanted to give you  a quick update re my post yesterday about my wedding blog posts being entirely ripped off! The site in question that had posted my content had 5 links pointing back to a ‘site’ so we contacted ‘the site’!

As Nathan also suggested in his comment yesterday, it appeared the ‘perp’ was using the site to promote the keywords and links to his site by taking other peoples posts and creating a highly profitable link-strategy campaign. Which of course as far as we’re all concerned is just plain thievery of other peoples hard work.

The site it was linking to had a contact us form and Facebook page. So we left a message in the morning, but no answer! In the evening (as his site is based in Florida) Rob (aka Luke Skywalker) then tried to contact him via Facebook…

…Within 30 minutes we received a profuse apology stating that he was unaware of what was happening. He said he’d contacted his marketing company to take it down.

We checked the site this morning and all our posts have been taken down. The Queen Of Hearts has gone back to bed!!!

Although, what has remained are posts by other bloggers and photographers so in their defence, we’ve just sent him another FB message asking him whether he knows if his marketing guy has permission from the other bloggers and photographers for their work and if not that he could get a big backlash from the industry and it won’t help his profile at all!!!

So I guess we’ll be keeping an eye on this site in the future to see what happens – and, the other high-profile blogger that we could see was also on the site is now also aware of what’s happened to their blog posts.

So, in light of all of this, Luke Skywalker has been inspired, so look out for next weeks post where he will give you insider knowledge in how to know if your being ‘ripped off’, what you can do about it, and how to try and prevent it.

Have a Frabjous Friday Folks!




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