Imagine my excitement while trying to search for a unique wedding venue when I came across this stunning Treehouse in New Zealand…

Absolutely beautiful isn’t it!

One of the most exclusive venues in all of NZ, The Redwoods Treehouse caters for small groups only and would be a stunning environment to host your wedding reception if you were having a small, intimate wedding.  It’s only 45 minutes from Auckland and this venue is one that is sure to impress!!

Imagine having your nuptials below the Treehouse, surrounded by your closest friends and family.  After the ceremony you’re whisked away through the Redwood trees for some spectacular photographs, and then you and all your guests get to celebrate in a most spectacular kind-of way in a most spectacular wedding venue!

Photos from The Redwoods Treehouse website

Private, secluded and surrounded by all the closest people in the world to you.  The Redwoods Treehouse in NZ is a stunning, unique wedding venue.



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