Are you stuck on what to get Hubby2B as a wedding present? How about giving him a little secret. One that’s for his eyes only. And this special gift would not only be an intimate, beautiful pressie for him, it would increase your confidence, self esteem and give you the opportunity to be whoever you wanted to be, or exactly who you truly are. What am I talking about?

Something I am very passionate about… Boudoir photography. It’s something I did many years ago and am working on getting back into in time to come because as a photographer and as a woman, it is so incredibly rewarding: seeing woman change from vulnerable to confident in a matter of a few hours.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography has long had a reputation, and one I believe that is ridiculous, that is that it’s promiscuous, rude or just unnecessary and I passionately try to change the minds of all those who think this because Bouroir photography is probably one of the most intimate, sensuous and empowering types of photography a woman can experience! Lets face it, if you can embrace your wobbly bits and show them to a camera, wouldn’t it make you feel strong, empowered and confident!! It would me 🙂

It’s the transformation that is amazing to witness, as a photographer seeing woman shyly attempt to be sexy in the beginning to then very quickly embrace their sexyness, their femininity and go for it is amazing to witness. And today, I’m lucky enough to introduce you to a wonderful woman with the most wicked sense of humour {which I’ll have you know is key to feeling comfortable in front of the camera} and she is doing just that – Boudoir Photorgaphy, offering clients a very Shhh! kind of experience.

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 A few words from Kat:

Shhh! Let your love shine through.
Secrets, hidden desires, yearning passions have been confided to me for many years, people find it quite natural to share with me their hopes and dreams. There has been a long-running dream of my own in which to capture the essence of personality in everyone I meet.

The Theatre of Life itself influences my work, particularly when I too become enamoured with a vision of fantastic sets, epic scores and costumes that just sing to my heart. I guess the little girl inside me still wants to dress up and I know I’m not alone.  Getting married is a huge theatrical production and keeping everyone guessing as to what the bride will be wearing is one major secret.

The First Secret 

Initially, I wasn’t looking to be a themed photographer myself, preferring to let my images evolve as a natural process. But an idea of my friend Sam soon changed all that. After one crazy night out at a Burlesque show in Soho, Sam asked me if I was interested in creating an intimate portrait book of her. Her aim was to present to her fiancé Jamie on the morning of their wedding as a gift of love. Sam had shared with me her First Secret of her wedding plans.

Plenty of clever and clandestine organisation was necessary. From arranging the studio times to the reasons given to Jamie that Sam simply had to pop out for extra fittings, sort flowers, anything! Sam and I colluded in secret appointments, giggling over the phone talking about styles and posing that Sam would know he would love.

After deciding on many themes to portray, we mixed together Burlesque with an extra touch of intrigue to the shoot.  I gathered inspiration from the likes of Immodesty Blaize, Moulin Rouge, as well as Hollywood Starlets from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

The results of the session certainly had the desired effect. Printed in a beautifully bound book, the images were enticing enough to distract Jamie from his nerves on their big day. In fact, he couldn’t wait to get to the end of the day!

The idea of Shhh! was born. An off shoot photography venture with an onomatopoeic brand name.

The Second Secret

My ideas were picking up speed and I started looking for people with character, men and women that so effortlessly looked the part for new shoots. Along the way I encountered themed weddings that were growing from a quirky idea to beautifully designed productions.

It wasn’t long though, when I met the delightful Rhea and her gorgeous 1950’s look. Rhea was planning her own vintage style wedding. She had seen some of my earlier film photos entitled Bohemia in Hampstead and could see we shared the same vision, even (not surprisingly) the same love of Vivien of Holloway dresses. To Rhea she could see that I was her kind of photographer and asked me to shoot her and fiancé Chris’s big day, (and Rhea’s Hen Night!)

There was no secret to what theme Rhea and Chris had planned for their wedding. It was the pre-wedding shoot that took each other by surprise. By pure chance Chris lived near a vintage car enthusiast, who had a US Studebaker truck parked outside his house which we incorporated into the groomsmen shoot. Rhea of course had a beautiful white halter neck rockabilly dress, with a red tulle petticoat teamed with Vivienne Westwood peep toe heels. Without question this outfit would be showcased on it’s own, before the ceremony.

The happy couple’s friends and family were wowed by the extra little touches I gave when presenting the images at the reception.

The Third Secret (you can share)

Developing Shhh! is like watching a play unfold. Recent sessions have themes created purely by the wardrobe and the locations I choose. From showgirl to a naughty domestic goddess, these shoots introduced the women to a fresh understanding of a positive body image.

Being the centre of attention for your wedding or other celebration can be quite nerve-wracking. My sessions are about preparing and uplifting your confidence and discovering what that special something is about you.

With couples who are brave enough, I can create a new sensual dynamic to your love life with imagery. Intimate portraiture is not just about boudoir and fancy french lingerie, it is about the love that shines from your heart. I have found that the key element of a secret shoot is to make sure you relax, have fun and discover a new found confidence. By exploring themes, ideas and uncovering your essence I can ready you with ease for your big occasion. You can of course trust me with your secrets. So remember, Shhh!

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To see more of Kat’s work please do go and say “Hellooo!” over on Kat’s Facebook page or check her website for her full gallery and give your Hubby2B a beautiful pressie.

Oh and check her out on twitter too: I’ve met Kat numerous times and had many a coffeethon’s and she truly is, as we say in Aus, ‘True Blue!’ She’ll charm you with her humour and will put you at ease so quickly if you’re unsure about taking that huge step and venturing into your very own boudoir session that really is empowering.

And if you’re brave enough, we’ll publish it here on Alice!! 🙂

Have a super day folks.