You’re going to need a lovely large cuppa tea with this mornings post!  Today’s real wedding is loaded with beautiful people and beautiful things and was photographed by one of my favourite wedding photographers, the lovely Christina Craft from Funky Town Photography.  And when you’re finished with her stunning photos of Stephanie & Michaels wedding you must see her amazing wildlife photography, it’s beautiful!!!

But first, a little story if I may… when I was 15 I saw a National Geographic documentary on the Orca’s of Vancouver and I fell in love.  I have always loved animals and seeing these stunning creatures amongst their breathtaking scenery made such an impact on me that I knew, one day, I would go there and see them… and I did.

Rob and I visited Canada a few years ago and it was just as I had imagined… spectacular!  And while I saw the whales, in fact they swam right under our 26ft boat, our tour through the rockies was the most incredible adventure for us and it now holds an incredibly special place for us.

I still remember arriving at Lake Louise, the incredibly beautiful glacial lake, and I remember hiking around and singing and hearing our echoes bounce of the mountains.  We stood for what seemed like an age looking back at the Chateau Lake Louise Fairmont Hotel thinking ‘what a place to get married’, and that’s exactly where Stephanie and Michael said their vows.  I absolutely adore this wedding, it would be one of those on my list of Dream weddings for me 🙂

From Christina:  “Stephanie & Michael had an event that can only be called extraordinary. Every detail and moment was absolutely perfect. Stephanie dreamed of her wedding at one of the most incredible hotels in the world when she visited there with her mother as a child.

Stephanie & Michael had emotional vows and speeches as well and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when they had their ceremony in front of one of the most famous scenery in the country.”

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Hands up those with a major case of shoe envy!!! {Both hands and feet in the air}

I have a picture similar to this view.  Rob and I had tea and scones at the window on the ground floor and the view truly is something special.  To say words of love, and honour and life long commitment would be so… I am truly lost for words.

Check out the names on the carpet – love it!!! What a beautiful touch.

I love the styling of this wedding: the colours are beautifully reminiscent of the fresh, crisp early spring tulips.  They are the early awakening of new times.

Whoop whoop! That’s the kind of Bridesmaid I would have.  Fun!!!

See the gallery in the full post…

What I love about this wedding:

It’s my most favourite place in the world, and the entire wedding from the beautiful Bride, the enigmatic looking Groom, the fun Bridesmaids, the horse and cart, the flowers, look stunning!  I love the colours and the styling, it’s so fresh and alive.  I think Stephanies simply gorgeous and their wedding seemed like a true Cinderella story that just popped off the pages of a fairytale.  Romantic and perfect!  🙂

The amazing wedding photographer Christina Craft was assisted by wedding photographer Tessa Perkins.

Have a frabjous day!


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