So what does a gymnast, a shark bitten surfboard and a rocky beach in Cornwall have in common?! Only a brilliantly unique wedding of course!!! Today’s real wedding shot by Alan Law Photography showcases just how personal weddings should be. I love this one!!!

Brilliantly documented by Alan from Alan Law Photography this wedding is infectious; there is so much laughter and happiness!


From Alan:

Sarah & Kass’ wedding was one of the most fun that I’ve ever had the pleasure to cover; they’re both just so easy-going and happy – an absolute joy to be around! Their wedding took place in Cornwall last October, and the weather was just fab all day – perfect for some time on the beach with their bridesmaid and groomsmen – some of whom had travelled all the way from New Zealand. Sarah used to be a gymnast, hence the cartwheel shot 🙂 For me, it’s definitely the couple who make weddings; it doesn’t matter where in the world, or at whatever budget – it’s all about the couple. And hopefully you can see that from the images; I think there’s barely a single one without a smile!

SarahKass-501SarahKass-479 SarahKass-466SarahKass-432 SarahKass-363SarahKass-242SarahKass-223SarahKass-65 SarahKass-8

Photography:  Alan Law Photography
Venue:  The Polurrian Hotel 

Thanks Alan for sending in Sarah and Kass’ wedding; it’s frabjous cool, and just superbly shot. I particularly love the shot of Sarah doing her cartwheel; I can feel her utter bliss!


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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