Feast your eyes on this Beach Wedding. Don’t you just want to be there! I’m in love with the Alternative Altar. What a lovely venue to have your wedding at. A beach wedding just has to be the place to be doesn’t it.

The Brides dress: a classic gown by Priscilla of Boston.

This steels the show for me.  I love alternative altars: they’re personal, they’re unique and they’re a part of you! And if you make it, you get to take it home, put it in the garden and have a glass of wine under it every anniversary!!!

Beautiful, simple, elegant colours.

You may now kiss the Bride! 🙂

Frabjous Creatives

Caterer:  Keys Catering
Dress Designer:  Priscilla of Boston
Cake Designer:  Bob’s Bunz
Linens and Coverings:  Christina’s Party Rentals
Makeup Artist:  Ciao Bella Salon & Spa


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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