Today’s beautiful steampunk wedding is loaded with stunning details and is enriched with colour, vibrancy and all things Gothic including the most delicious corset. I really like this wedding!

Shot by the brilliant Aussie photographer Angelica Peady who, if you remember, did the famous Steampunk photo shoot that featured on the wedding blog over a year ago, this Gothic wedding is another example of how to take a wedding theme and create it with style!

And…. and *take a breath* it has a corset wedding dress!! A beautiful corset wedding dress!!! It’s no secret that I can not get enough of corsetry and it was Angies Steampunk photo shoot that introduced me to my most favourite people in the world; Gallery Serpentine in Sydney Australia. These guys do the most stunning, unbelievably stylish and beautifully made corsets and today’s bride is wearing one in full bloom as you can see on this Alice in Weddingland Wedding Blog

Gothic wedding

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography02 Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography04

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography17 Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography12Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography05 Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography23

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography08

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography14

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography11

From Angie:

Gemma and Zac exchanged their beautiful vows with the sandstone cliffs as the background, it was both dramatic and exhilarating. The one thing I can say definitively is that nothing could however outshine the bride’s wide smile. Gemma is possibly the most radiant bride we have ever shot and I do believe that her joy and excitement can actually be ‘felt’ in every single image! There’s nothing more contagious than a happy bride so it was a true pleasure to spend the day with Gemma (and Zac!) and witness her delight throughout the day.

Gemma wore a striking, non traditional gown with Victorian influences by our favourite off-beat designer, Gallery Serpentine. Gemma’s handsome beau and their male attendants wore black with striking rich red details and a special mention to Gemma’s father ever dapper in his vest with a striking fob watch and chain.

Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography15 Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography16Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography18Gothic wedding - unique wedding blog - AIW - AngiePeadyPhotography19

Photographer: Angelica Peady Photography

Wedding gown: Gallery Serpentine.
Venue: Glenn Davis Boutique Hotel

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I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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