Get ready for a destination wedding that showcases the epitome of fun!

Shot by the super talented team at Fritz Photography this real wedding is loaded to the brim with smiley faces.  Mix together a Jazz Band, silly string, feathers and a Catholic Church and it isn’t your typical ‘traditional’ wedding and wait unitl you see the stunning headpiece Megan wears!!! This is a wedding that burns a smile on your face thanks to the utter joy on all the guests faces and of course to the very in love duo, Megan and Gerardo, who look like they grooved the night away.

Meet Megan & Gerardo…

Check out the Mad Hatter Hat (above)


From the wedding photographer:

Wow, this was a fun wedding to photograph–in Argentina, no less!

Over 30 of Megan and Gerardo’s closest friends and family accompanied them to Argentina for their wedding.  Megan had no idea what to expect at her own wedding, since Gerardo’s mom and extended family did most of the wedding planning!

They got married in a beautiful old Catholic church that Gerardo attended as a child.  Following the ceremony was an amazing dinner. Passadores (meat waiters) come to the tables with knives and a skewer serving beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, duck, and sausage.  It was the best meat I’ve ever tasted as a wedding photographer.

The party really got started when each table was handed a garbage bag full of goodies containing party hats, silly string and noise makers.  The band started playing and every single guest got up and started dancing.  In the middle of the dancing a marching band came in and started playing music.  They led the crowd outside for more dancing and singing.  The reception turned out to be a blast!  I think all of the guests agreed that it was the best wedding they had every attended.

As professional wedding photographers, we love to tell destination wedding stories, in Portland and abroad!  This wedding was photographed by FritzPhoto’s talented and lovely Stephanie.  Visit our wedding photography website to learn more!



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