Elvis and Priscilla did it!

And when Rob and I were getting married, we wanted to do it too!

We wanted to run off and get married in Vegas?  By Elvis himself {err well, not quite}. There is something fun, mystical and larger than life about getting married in Vegas.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been married before that the thought of the ‘big white wedding’ didn’t appeal to me, or maybe it’s just the Vegas charm that seduces me.  Either way, one day we hope to get there and renew our vows instead, with Elvis of course! However, today’s gorgeous couple did marry in Vegas, and in Vegas style too.

Alison and Scotts Vegas Wedding

Alison and Scott hopped a few thousand miles from their home in Toronto for a tradition-breaking destination wedding of their dreams.

After reading Alison’s answers to the questions I emailed her, I was totally inspired by her dedication to getting the wedding of her dreams and her willingness to never give up on the wedding dress of her dreams.  She used her own creative intuition and modified a dress she purchased off the shelf to transform it into her dream wedding dress.  She proves that you should never give up on your wedding dreams!

Alison and Scott had their fairytale and that’s what this blog is all about – giving you the tools to achieve what Alison did – the wedding of your dreams, not the wedding of your Mother-In-Law’s dreams, or listening to Grandmas beliefs in what a wedding should consist of.

Alison and Scott’s wedding consists of brilliant ideas of how to make your wedding unique: from choosing the leap year day in February to modifying her own dress to choosing a Villa in Mandalay Bay to party in so that their guests could feel what it was really like to be in Vegas.  I love this wedding!  Congratulations to Alison and Scott for creating their wedding adventure perfectly!!!  This is what a wedding is:  Your big day, your way!!!

I love it, and I know you’ll be inspired by Alison too when you read how she overcame her wedding dress nightmare.

From Alison {the beautiful, blushing Bride}:

“For our wedding day, our goal was for it to be fun and refreshing with a touch of tradition. I picked February 29th for the reason that it was the most unique day you can have considering it only happens every four years so that was a for sure. I also wanted my dress to be very fun and I think we nailed it.  I felt great in it and got great feed back from randoms the whole day. We also wanted to include our guests in the photo time. We felt we were in a great city and with everyone looking there best they deserved just as much as us to have great photos for themselves and enjoy the whole experience rather than them just sitting around a room drinking and waiting for the night to start.

We also had a villa at MandalayBay to party in after. Itwas a nice touch to end the night. The view was amazing, the room was massive and now they can all say they stayed in a villa in Vegas which is a great feeling. Oh and we picked different songs as well for the ceromoney. I walked down the aisle to a song from the movie ” Kill Bill vol. 1″, very beautiful but kinda twisted lol. And Scott and myself walked down to ” Right Round” by Flo Rida: The ending song to the movie the hangover. We wanted something upbeat and funny as well as perfect for what the night was intended to bring 🙂

A little slice of tradition

For the tradition I had to have my father walk me down and give me away it was my main priotity. Scott and myself did not see each other 2 days before the wedding and he saw me when I walked down the aisle for the first time. He also never saw my dress before the wedding. My parents drove to Vegas from Niagara and did a month long trip and took my dress with them to make sure Scott wouldn’t have a chance of seeing it at the airport.

Zarn: What did you find difficult when planing your wedding?

Alison: I had a few things that I found difficult, but! It all ended up being ok with all the help and great people surrounding me hen needed. I had a bit of anxiety with my dress. I knew I wanted something edgy and sexy and classy all in one. I was determined to find a dress that was short in the fron with a long back and like I said I before this city is very boring and I was having no luck. We came across my dress when I fell in love with the bust. My best friend threw up the bottom in the front and asked if they had a good seamstress. After that I fell in love and there it was. I had major alterations made to my dress. I had the front skirt completely re- done ( totally new) the back used to have a zipper that we took out and added a tie up and we also had bustling put in as well as adding volume to the train and side of my dress. The thought of the dress not turning out was very difficult. But it turned out amazing!

It was also hard not having any control of what was napping with my wedding. I did all my planning from pone and email, and photos. Vegas is my favorite place and I love them even more now! The customer service I received with everything that the wedding was delt with was outstanding! The day ran too smooth. So I stressed for nothing.
Also with a destination wedding your not guaranteed to have everyone you want there which is difficult but the great thing at the chapel of the flowers is they put your wedding on line for home people to view as well as an option for the pictures to be viewed so that helped with that.

Zarn: Looking back what would you do differently when organising your wedding?

Alison: I would have had snacks on the limo bus. I know that sounds silly but everyone was hungry as well as my husband and I and during the planing I wasn’t even thinking of snacks for the limo. We had Los of alcohol and went to a huge buffet after but for sure I recommend food on the limo lol. Other than that little burp the day was fabulous.

The day was perfect! We are very happy. The chapel of the flowers was the best best best service you could ever ask for. Our photographer Alyssa was absolutely amazing she is an outstanding photographer. And Vegas in general is just brilliant. The options are endless there.

The Vegas Limo – how frabjously cool is that!!!

This photo shows off the detail in Alison’s dress and how she altered it.

I love these types of shots: they’re like fashion editorials, something us ‘non celeb folk’ rarely would ever get a chance of having!!

Be sure to check out their stunning gallery below:

Frabjous creatives:

Alison:  “My wedding plainer Heidi Hess was so wonderful and any credit I could give to her is very well deserved.  Don’t get me wrong the entire staff at the chapel is exceptional but Heidi constantly went above and beyond and Alyssa Mayhew the photographer made me feel so great and comfortable and produced the best pictures I have ever had of myself.  You should throw in some credit for yourself as well! Seriously, I love your blog and I love that you love your job, it’s not so often you hear that 🙂 “.

Thanks Alison *blush*!!!

Photography:  Every Detail Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Montebello Floral Designs  |  Reception Venue:  Chapel of the Flowers  |  Transportation:  Presidential Limousine  |  Heidi Hess: Wedding Planner

I absolutely fell in love with Alison and Scotts wedding.  It defines what I try to achieve here with the blog: creative, fun and unique ways of making your wedding day, truly, your own.  They’ve managed it brilliantly and even after reading and editing this post many times, I am still sitting here with a smile on my face.  A truly, unique wedding!!!

Congratulations Alison and Scott and many frabjous wishes from me, for your future.



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