Oh what a fabulous Christmas.  I hope yours was as restful as mine with family, friends and all that scrummy food and drink.  After an amazing three days including my getting a year older yesterday and spending the day in London with scrumptious Hubby and my scrummy little girl… it’s time to get back to the fun stuff, weddings!

I was looking back at some of the top wedding dress collections the other day and was astounded at how unique the wedding dress is now becoming and so wanted to highlight some of my favourite wedding dresses of 2011.

This year there’s been tons of vintage glamour adorning the Bridal stores, masses of stunning embellishments creeping into the designs and we’re finally seeing something that should have happened years ago; the rise of the alternative wedding dress, including the black wedding dress.

The amount of choice you have as a Bride these days is astounding and quite frankly I think I’d find it pretty hard to choose a dress if I were getting married today.  It’s amazing!

Gone are the days of only a few little boutiques showcasing only a few collections or having to trawl up or down to London and the great cities to get stunning choices.  Now we have specialist boutiques showcasing specialist collections and many, many different boutiques and many, many collections all around the country, in fact, the world!

But I have to admit, two particular collections stole my ever-loving Bridal heart this year… and there’s not a Vera Wang dress in site. 🙂

My top wedding dress collections

…The Yolan Cris Vintage Collections dominated my drool-ometer this year along with Gallery Serpentine for their jaw-dropping, ingenious alternative designs.

Yolan Cris wedding dress fav.

I struggled to choose between the collections from this years Yolan Cris choices, however, I told myself to tough it up and pick just one and the dress above won.  I adore the colour in this dress, the old fashioned glamour and the sumptuous vintage fabric.

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about myself this year, it’s that I love a wedding dress with colour!!!  Blushes, minks, vintage blues; I’m not fussy – I just love the contrast it creates.

Gallery Serpentine wedding dress fav.

My favourite memory of this year would have to be my discovery of Gallery Serpentine from Australia.  I think they’re leading the world in alternative wedding couture and have so many spectacular choices for the Bride and the Groom.  My favourite alternative wedding dresses from Gallery Serpentine are the two sumptuous ones below.

Lazaro wedding dress fav.

I just love the ultra glamorous vintage detail in this dress and the fact that Lazaro have brought back the addition of colour in their wedding dress collection.  And the accessories have me in bling-envy!

Tara Kelly {JLM Couture} wedding dress fav

I adore this dress.  It is simply the most enchanting dress of the year.  It’s so feminine, so girly that you couldn’t help feeling angelic in it.

I’d love to know your favourite.  Or, the one you’ve chosen for the big day so please, leave me your comments or let me know which one you like above.  Even drop me a link to your fav. dress.

I love nothing more than being introduced to new things!

Here’s to the 2012 spectacular that will be wedding dress designs coming in the New Year. Chin Chin!




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