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Photofilms – A unique take on your wedding legacy! | Alice In Weddingland Wedding Blog Photofilms – A unique take on your wedding legacy! | Alice In Weddingland Wedding Blog

Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly; one minute you’re stepping into ‘the gown, the one that illuminates you for that one special day, and the next, you’re sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere – it’s a blur, a total fuzz that comes and goes so fast the details are easily forgotten. Or are they?! Ha Ha! As long as you’ve prioritised your wedding photography high on your wedding list, you’ll be fine. But for those who don’t…

…the risk of distant memories fading and the legacy of becoming ‘one’ drifts into the forgotten realms of family life, kids, schools and more. What a horrible thing for anyone to go through: not having beautiful, tangible wedding memories… but …

Yep. I know. I’ve said it all before and I’ll say it again, and again, and totally bug the hell out of you to make sure you get the hint and ensure you get the best wedding photos your money can buy. – Wedding photography is the fastest changing industry when it comes to trends, new ideas and a multitude of choice.  There are some incredibly talented photographers (including today’s ‘tog) out there clicking buttons and taking stunning images in many different styles. Including one I absolutely love – Photofilms!

Let me introduce you to Linus of Linus Moran Photography, a beautifully stylish and elegant wedding photographer from the  A-list of wedding photographers Bournemouth, to introduce this fabulous new way of creating your wedding legacy.

Photofilms – A unique way to remember your wedding day

What is a Photofilm, you may ask?  It’s a documentary film utilisng the power of stills photography, accompanied by audio recordings taken from your wedding day.

Great documentary wedding photography has the ability to bring you back to the moment, but over time our memories along with some details will fade. Keeping those small, yet very important details alive is the driving force behind Photofilm wedding videos, producing a film that serves and acts as a ‘living’ wedding album.

We all remember the faces of loved ones through the images we have.




But what of the voice? 

A voice tells so much about a person with tone, accent, mannerisms and diction all serving to create and leave an impression with the listener.

These valuable facets are all utilised within the construction of a wedding Photofilm, giving depth and structure to the flowing narrative of your wedding day.

Golden Moments within the wedding day speeches

I view the wedding breakfast speeches as being one of the greatest moments to capture within the wedding day.  Packed full with heartfelt words, emotions become amplified through tributes being paid and received.

Many times I have witnessed a groom or bride, well up with tears, or more often than not, a father of the bride being stopped in his tracks, struggling to deliver his words.

Its also part of the day rich in comedy value, with guests being reduced to fits of laughter.  Killer punch lines delivered with style,and panache, sending the entire reception party into rapturous applause!

Wouldn’t it be great to capture the speech and the line that created that memorable image?

I am a firm believer that weddings are all about the people. The Bride and Groom, the family and friends.  I want to keep everyone together as much as possible, as the hours spent together on this day are precious and quickly pass.

Capturing the interactions and relationships can be done naturally, with sensitivity and through a calm observant approach.

This is not to say that I wont or don’t take portraits, as I do.  But these can be done easily and with little fuss, with small windows of opportunity being taken at various points in the day.

With out interruption to the flow of the day, as little as 10 to 20 minutes of wondering the grounds, utilising the venue’s aesthetic qualities along with the quality late summer evening light can provide timeless, elegant portraiture worthy of adorning the centrepiece of any home.

How do we capture the all important voices?

Using high quality professional digital recorders strategically placed within a room or placed within the groom’s jacket pocket, recordings are made without any interference to the wedding day’s natural flow.

They are small and discreet, yet sensitive enough to capture every vow, every promise and every tribute.



Your wedding day story in your own words

I let you and your wedding guests, tell your story in your own words. Recording and carefully creating a film that creatively unfolds to document the real story of your wedding day.

My photography artistically captures every detail, leaving you to tell the story of your day….Naturally.

A modern way to relive your wedding day

Photofilm wedding videos are designed to be enjoyed, viewed and shared on the everyday technology.

Designed for easy loading onto your iphone, ipad or computer for instant sharing amongst friends and family on social media. It’s the album you can carry everywhere you go!

Its also a wonderful keepsake to share with friends and family who may not have been able to attend the big day!

Why choose a Wedding Photofilm?

  • Modern and highly individual
  • Capturing valuable detail often forgotten
  • Hold the emotional context to your day
  • Vows and speeches captured for prosperity
  • Your story told in your own words
  • The carry with you and share wedding ‘album’

One reason you should choose to have a wedding Photofilm

There is only one reason, and this will be self evident upon watching one.  The first one I viewed hit me hard.  It was unlike any wedding film I had seen before.

Unlike moving film footage that washes over you accompanied with mediocre backing music, the photofilm delivers powerful emotional context.  Something that can only be done through bold, stills photography – each moment having been carefully considered before pressing the shutter.  Each image being individually selected and timed to appear alongside relevant contextual audio.

My first viewing of a photofilm left me with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.  I’m a man, an impartial viewer, yet I was bought into that moment shared by the couple on their wedding day.  It was powerfully emotive and delivered beautifully.

Take the challenge and see how you fair.  Maybe I’m just a romantic who is too in touch with my emotional side!

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Photo film of Kelly and Gavin’s wedding