I’ve been in a Steampunk state-of-mind for a month now, since my Steampunk Up Your Wedding article so I thought it only appropriate to wind it up before my next article comes out in the Unique Bride Magazine and today I have an amazing wedding created on a budget of only $500 NZ.  Yep, you read it right, Five Hundred!!  It can be done!!! So let’s wrap up our Steampunk month with a budget wedding which stars the now famous corset that started off my love affair with this theme.

From Steff at Steff Metal blog: http://steffmetal.com

This is the corset by the frabjous Gallery Serpentine that started my love affair with Steampunk.

Knock knock  – “Who’s there?”  – A Damsel in dis Dress 🙂

Very Chaplin’ish – doesn’t it just take you back to a different era?

And here’s the video to watch

Check out this link for more Steampunk Weddings

Frabjous creatives:

Venue: The Pumphouse Theatre, Takapuna
Heritage Costume and Design: Bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses, groom’s outfit.
Cog and Compass Costume and Couture: Bride’s top hat, bridesmaid’s cuffs, groomsman’s cravat, embroidered ring pillow.
Gallery Serpentine: Bride’s corset.
Skingraft Designs: Celebrant’s skirt.
Photography: Jess Manning Photography
Rebecca McNaughten Make Up / SFX
Models: Bride – Amy Beales (
Heritage), Bridesmaid – Kelli Prince (Heritage), Groom – Tony Howat, Groomsman – Aaron Dick, Celebrant – Steff Metal (NZ Alternative Celebrant), Guests – Tarah Genet, Sam Clemerson
Cupcakes: lemon ones from Sweet Bites Cakes 
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Bites-Cakes/100415953348169, and chocolate ones by Ryan Fogarty and Elisabeth Laird
Film: James Beck
Styling: Jaimee Beck, 
Cog and Compass, Andrea Swager, Steff Metal

Zarn x

P.S. If you’re looking for the worlds best steampunk wedding here it is!


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