Naughty Alice, the perfume by Vivienne Westwood is a scent that has been solely inspired by the Wonderland wanderer and her adventures so for our Frabjous Friday post, I had to blog it!  It’s a mystical-sounding recipe of black rose, carnal violet with moody, sensual ylang-ylang – ideal for autumnal brides!  And the bottle looks gorgeous!

Packaged in the very “Drink Me-esq” type bottle and created by legendary perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, this scent is delicious, sexy and feminine and comes with a “Wear Me” gold and blue bracelet.  So if you need inspiration for your jewellery, it’s sitting on top of the bottle.

The scent also has a velvety body veil (moisturiser) and an irresistible shower gel so you lather yourself the morning of your big day and ooze sex appeal as you strut your modern femininity down the runway.

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fragrance transports you to a sensual dream world where everything is possible and your adventurous curiosity can be unleashed. This chic feminine and provocative new floriental perfume leaves you with a naughty twinkle in the eye. At the very heart of Naughty Alice’s perfume is a luminous floriental which dazzles the senses – quotes Vivienne’s website.

You can buy the perfume in 30ml, 50ml, 75ml sizes.

Here’s to being transported into your sensual dream that will be your wedding day.



I love this perfume.  I love the name, I love it’s inspiration and I love the scent.  As with any perfume, try a little on at the shop and leave it for a day to let it sink into your skin and see if you like it.  It is a daring perfume for a Bride as it will provoke a few head turns!

And if you dare to try it…let us know the frabjous comments you get.

Zarn ?