Ilove engagement shoots. Not just because they’re sooo romantic or because they’re an awesome excuse to have gorgeous photos taken by a pro! But because it’s such a wonderful way to experience what it’s like in front of a camera before your big day. I know from experience it’s not as easy or comfortable as you might think. And, it can take up to an hour to get used to having a camera around you.

An engagement shoot however gives you the opportunity to test what it’s like, play around with it, get to know your photographer and best of all, you have the first part of your legacy as Husband and Wife – its the prequel to your Hollywood Movie 🙂

So you’ll find quite a few engagement shoots on this little unique wedding blog and a load more to come, but today, I get to show you another frabjous engagement shoot shot by the extraordinarily charming and wonderfully down-to-earth Andy Pickard from Peacock Pix. And guess what?! Andy’s taking their wedding photos… this weekend! Wi-cked!!! I can’t wait to see those.

Enter, Natalie and Rob…

I’m loving Andy’s light and shade in his shots, it makes them so much more alive!

There’s something really beautiful about seeing people in love; people in such deep rapport that the world turns into a happy playground for them to discover and frolic in. This is love and this is something worth capturing!

Thanks Andy and all the best of wishes to Natalie and Rob for the awesome wedding this weekend!!!

Have you done an engagement shoot? Would you do one? What’s stopping you if not? I’d love to hear your thoughts whether you’re a Bride or photographer on what you think about unique engagement shoots and do you want to see more?

Enjoy your day. xx



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