Don’t you love the sound of French lace, silk chiffon, embroided roses and pure silk ribbon?! Oh I melt when I hear them. I was late in the game discovering the secrets of lingerie and just how delicisouly naughty, confident and seductive it makes you feel but I have been a bit of lingerie collector for a while now and Miss Jones unique wedding lingerie, designed for the Burlesque starlet in all of us is my latest find!

I was your typical Tom-boy until my mid twenties early thirties so lingerie for me was purely practical, I hadn’t found my sensuality. I thought I had to have a perfect, tiny figure to wear the kinds of lingerie that I liked {boy was I wrong!} but it remained, for a long time, adorning the beautiful shelves of department stores as I meandered past them and daydreamed. That was, until I began shooting Boudoir for my friends and through their transformation: their confidence, their sense of discovering their own sensuality, their own femininity, I had my own transformation and lingerie was suddenly exciting, sexy and something that I adored and bought lots of. I adore the elegant, delicate, feminine type.

The lingerie as we know it today, the visually appealing kind that is, was developed during the late nineteenth century by Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile (according to Wiki). She was a pioneer in developing the style of lingerie that freed women from more restrictive, I can’t breath for a day type corsets. You know the kind we all squeeze into on our wedding day 🙂 And thank goodness today’s lingerie is not only visually appealing but it feels fantastic on.

So, I ask you, have you thought about your wedding lingerie yet? And if so, have you thought of these words along with that thought: sexy, opulent, dramatic, sexy!  If not I implore you to have a peak at the most beautiful, enchanting, sexy lingerie that I’ve found! (The pasties are Gooooorgeous!!!)

Miss Jones unique wedding lingerie

Think garters decorated with embroidered roses, stunning french lace and pure silk ribbon adorned with Swarovski crystals.  Think daring panties and flirtatious masks. Think soft and sensual, tastefully naughty and seductive. Think sexy! Think wedding night!!! That’s Miss Jones unique wedding lingerie!

Every item of the Mis Jones collection is made to make you feel beautiful, make you feel confident and make you feel like the sensual women that hides inside all of us. I love her entire collection and for me it was really hard to pick a favourite… take a look…

“I believe there is a Burlesque starlet in every woman.” says Jacqueline of Miss Jones… I have designed my collections to help create a playful boudoir; the opulent decoration and softness make them luxurious. It’s a balance between what can be considered “Risqué” and keeping everything soft, feminine, and above all, sensual”

A little from Miss Jones

My creative career started really as a teenager in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s, with the new wave of electronic music and theatrical fashion that was the New Romantic era. The creativity, passion and freedom generated from this short-lived but liberating sub-culture went on to define some of British fashion’s most unique designers, including personal favourites of mine, such as John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, and musical performers such as Annie Lennox.

As a costume designer, knowledge of fashion history is so important, and then within this the individual character is developed. I took the same approach with Miss Jones, in my mind she is a character, living in the modern day but her style harks back to a more luxurious time. I am now developing a diarised serial, “Wild Roses” which features the vivacious, lingerie obsessed character, Miss Jones. I looked to the Burlesque Queen style of the 1940s and 1950s for inspiration, and also British film stars of the same era such as Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Dors, and Joan Collins. Images from the very feminine Art Nouveau period, and the Pre-Raphaelite paintings of Gabriel Rossetti are also significant in shaping the Miss Jones style.

I wanted to create a collection of beautiful, delicate, flimsy yet highly decorated pieces that create a special blend of English Rose femininity and sensuality. Miss Jones lingerie is flirtatious; empowering each woman to create a sense of tease with her own style, to enjoy her sensuality and express herself with her lover whilst looking and feeling irresistibly beautiful and confident.

The Miss Jones Bridal Collection is designed for the dreamiest of wedding nights.  Beautiful seduction in the prettiest silk, lace, and pearls, delicately sparkling with Swarovski crystals. Making lingerie for the Bride’s boudoir trousseau is so special. This is her time for sensuality. Because after a day of being dressed up and in the spotlight, this is a time for the bride to wear something soft and luxurious, a little flirtatious. The designs mix tradition and romance with a touch of playfulness.

Clients include both the Bride purchasing a special luxury for herself, and a delightful surprise for her new husband, and also the Groom, as a beautiful wedding gift for his Bride. The service Miss Jones offers is very personal, and I love this aspect, as I hand stitch on pearls and crystals, I think about how special the garment really is.

I think my favourite piece from the collection are the Bridal Pasties which are made from French lace Cherub motifs mounted onto soft leather. I think they are so sweet and so much fun, and so unexpected. I imagine the Bride smiling to herself as she thinks about changing into them later that evening. A truly private moment.

Make your wedding night as important as the day itself

For me, not only is Miss Jones story inspiring but her product too. Like Boudior photography, it’s the immeasurable after affects that come from such an experience. I would also agree with Miss Jones, I just adore the pasties. I’ve seen nipple tassels before and sure, they create a laugh more than anything but the Pasties are delicate, feminine and naughty! Every woman needs to live this persona once and a while 🙂

unique wedding lingerie

Get in touch with Jacqueline via Facebooktwitter or view the stunning collections on the Miss Jones website. You’ll be as addicted as me once you see them.

So, I ask you, prepared to dare and add Miss jones to your collection? And even if you’ve already walked down the aisle, Miss Jones is a must for every woman’s wardrobe!


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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