Oh my god, I love Lusan Mandongus 2011 wedding dress collection, it’s stunning. A couple of dresses are featured it the Sept/Oct You and Your Wedding. The dress i love is the one shown above. Its made from ivory silk, it glides over the hips into a fishtail, the train is just the right length, not to short and not to long, a manageable swish! But its the detail in the top of the dress i love, the high neck which wouldn’t normally attract me looks so classy. The left hand side curves over the shoulder and ties into a gorgeous bow that sits at the top of your back.


It oozes sexiness and if i were getting married, it would definitely be on my list to try!

Kate x


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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