Frills, I used to hate them!  Mum used to have the old frilly knicker type frills around the house: tablecloths, doilies and more and after being surrounded by them for so long I ended up with an aversion to them.  Now however, since I’m all grown up and all 😉 I am starting to love them, especially within a wedding theme and especially on umbrellas!  Frills have a fancy effect and today’s Love the dress shoot by the frabjously fantastic duo that is Red On Blonde Photography shows just how frills on an umbrella makes a fun and ‘oh so so very English’ photo shoot!

Red On Blonde are one of my wonderful new sponsors on the unique wedding blog (check out their website via the banner just over there —> on the sidebar).  Toby, the very red half of Red On Blonde and Hannah, who loves all the little details that makes a wedding unique are the awesome duo that are creating a little wedding photography storm and capturing personalities with their dynamic photography style.  Oh, and they love movies and tea!!! So we bonded really quickly 🙂

From Red On Blonde:

Vintage tea cups, frilly umbrellas, fancy cakes and a cricket pavillion (with a thatched roof!) – the perfect ingredients for a quintessentially English Love the Dress shoot with Amy & Liam, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Oh, and not forgetting the rain and hailstorms… it just wouldn’t be England without them! Amy & Liam’s wedding was vintage heaven and we chose a cricket tea party setting to bring to life all the little details that made their wedding so unique. Amy’s Grandma sadly passed away just before the wedding but Amy honoured her memory, by giving her beautiful, individual teacups filled with Love Hearts as favours, so we used some of these in the shoot. Amy’s stunning dress has a whimsical, vintage style and we think it looks gorgeous against this Camomile Lawn backdrop. We all had a fab time and we think this shows in the pictures.

Simply gorgeous!



I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.
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