Think style, think elegance, think glamour. All three words perfectly describe the stunning millinery that I came across recently in one of my web-crawls.  With a discerning eye for detail and an eclectic clientele, Louis Mariette is breaking boundaries with his designs.  His whimsical jewellery is full of spectacular, fairytale magic and pure delight.

With nature as his inspiration and using the most beautiful and unique resources: from hand-embroidered fabrics, antique embellishments, feathers, hand dipped painted flowers and semi-precious stones, Louis’s millinery breaks tradition and goes beyond what we’re used to seeing.  And he has a celebrity following with clients such as Lady Gaga, Sophie Dahl, Dannii Minogue and Paris Hilton.

Having previously worked as a wedding & party planner, Louis understands intimately the importance of a Brides big day and getting everything – Perfect His love of beautiful things (sounds familiar:)) and flare for innovation makes for some absolutely stunning pieces.

I’m in love with the bow piece below and of course, it’s loaded with bling.


Not only do I recommend you check out his bridal collection but his hats are out of this world.  He is a master of details and his designs are phenomenal.

The Mad Hatter

With nature as his playground Louis quickly became an expert at seeing style in nature and turning flora, fauna and everything else in his outdoor playground into a wearable item.  I fell in love with Louis’s work as it reminds me so much of the dolls my Mum used to make.

My Mum won awards back home in Australia with the dolls she was making.  A nature lover like me and a talented artist, she also had the incredible ability to see a piece of wood and turn it into a piece of art.  Her dolls were primarily made with everything she could find in her backyard or from walks in the bush including some amazing Australian flora and fauna. As with Louis’s hats, my mums dolls were an eclectic mix of colour, texture and nature, bringing to life fantastical characters.

And like Louis Mariette, my Mum was incredibly inspired by nature and as she used to say “if craving is a drug, then I am addicted.  To bring into existence something from my imagination produces endless pleasure.”  She was an incredibly talented woman.

I know that my Mum would have adored Louis Mariette’s millinery.

Check out his website where you’ll find an amazing choice of bridal accessories, hats and fascinators.  It’s a wonderful, whimsical journey just viewing them.



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