I am in love with a new unique wedding photographer!

I have dug, scrounged and slurped too many teas all while trawling Google searching through over 100 websites this week (I so love my job) … and I have some surprises coming up in the next few weeks, but here’s the first one!

Unique wedding photographer

Please check out unique wedding photographer Deborah Kates Fine Photography for some gorgeous inspiration and wedding photo envy! I have found some sumptuous wedding photos on her website and this is a stunning example.

This is a stunning example of what a great wedding photographer can do – capture your intimate moments without you even knowing about it! 🙂

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I am off to spend the day (albeit it a freezing one) with my gorgeous baby girl and my big man! Enjoy your Saturday!


P.S. A huge thank you to everybody who did our poll yesterday, you have SOOOO helped me and tea’s on me!!! 🙂  If you haven’t done it yet,  I’d love your opinion.  It’s all anonymous!!!


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