Some of you may have noticed recently that I’ve been posting a few more fashion’y, editorial type photos on the Alice In Weddingland Facebook page. Well, that’s because I’m just a little obsessed with them.

Five years ago, when I became interested in fashion, I discovered the beautiful art that is fashion editorial photography and was instantly in love. I’m the sort of couch judge that sits and watches Britains Next top Model, fast forwards to the photos shoots and then judges the shots at the end of the show with my own outspoken opinion of whats right and what’s wrong with them. I love it.

I have always loved photography and have been taking photos since I was 18 and so the attraction truly was inevitable but what is more exciting is the fusion of wedding photography with fashion photography and todays ‘I Thee Wed’ wedding photo is a beautiful example of the blissful union of these two types of photography.

Photo by: Noyce Photography


Enjoy your Saturday folks, I’m off to put my feet up and enjoy a very long cup of tea.


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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