An owl at a wedding??

Image from Thegaurdian.co.uk

I will be completely honest and say that I have never heard of an owl bearing the rings at a wedding. I know, I know, you are probably thinking where have I been, well, quite clearly hiding away from footballers weddings (Rio Ferdinand) and “My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings” (Channel 4), as they seem to be going owl crazy!

When my mum told me about a wedding that had an owl swooping down the isle to deliver the weddings rings to the best man, I thought what an amazing site to see, a real Alice Spectacular.

Have a sneaky look at the clip below from You Tube, it shows you just how wonderful they are and how people react to the owl in the church. They are so majestic and beautiful that your wedding would be the topic of conversation for weeks!


Image from Chris Hanley Photography

Having researched it, it has been around for years, but it definitely still adds that wow factor to any wedding. Apparently the snowy owl called Hedwig in Harry Potter has made this service more popular in mainstream weddings.

There are lots of companies that offer the  service, but here are a few that look good

The Owl Ring Bearer
Flying the knot
Talon Falconry

Oh, one thing i forgot to say was, my mum asked her friend “what happens if the Owl is sick on the day”? Good question I thought, her friend replied, “They have an eagle on stand by”!!

So, if you want something bigger and even more spectacular, then maybe the Eagle is for you, for me, it would be the Snowy Owl!

Kate x


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