Vintage wedding invitations

Oooh I love these!!!

Thanks to the internet you now have global choice when it comes to choosing your vintage wedding invitations and wedding correspondence; from Vintage, Contemporary, Art Deco to all sorts of themes and styles giving you a personal touch.  And, as I’m always banging on about, your wedding invitations are the prelude to your big day that gives your guests a little tiny peek into what your wedding day will be like and should set the mood, so choose wisely.

This will probably be the first big decision you’ll make for your wedding day (besides the date :-)) so go wild!  And in the words of a well-known Diva – Express Yourself!

One of my favourite wedding items are invitations; they’re personal, creative and you can go as wild as you wish in their design or stay elegantly simple and now that you have global artists at your fingertips the choice is endless.  I love the fact that you can simply search the internet, find one you adore whether it be in UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US or Canada, hit the order button and a week or so later, you have them in your hot little hands. So, I thought I’d show you a little something special that I found on Etsy, all the way from the City Of Angels.

Welcome to today’s beautifully crafted wedding stationery from Go Go Snap.

What do you think of the name – Go Go SnapI love it.  It’s witty, it’s sharp and it conjures up that retro feeling that secretly burns inside me, wanting to put on my leather knee highs and dance on tables. Ahh, did I just say that?

Made by the ever lovely and ever talented Julie Fisher whose pre-Etsy life sounds like a Hollywood story, her invitations, save the dates and vintage hand fans are retro cool and would suit any theme or style, but particularly compliments the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s themes.  They are lovingly crafted and full of pizazz.  She has a brilliant eye for what works, using colour, fonts and pictures all bundled together to make stunning, eye-catching stationery.

Julie’s goal is to design stylish, elegant social stationery by combining new ideas with vintage ephemera. Her  pre-Etsy life I mentioned included working as an Art Director at Warner Bros for eight years (wow) designing for clients like Coca Cola, the US Army, Disney Studios and American Greetings. (How amazing does that sound – it makes me want to sit over a cuppa and listen to her lifestory).  She lives in a 100 year-old house and everything except for her refrigerator, microwave, television, Hubby, son and her of course, is old.

When I asked Julie about her inspiration and dream this is what she said:

I have been a long time collector of vintage postcards– I have hundreds of them! My designs always start with a gorgeous and rare vintage image that I have found. The design inspiration I get from that image will carry through to the rest of the invitation suite. I love the flourishing designs of the 1880’s, the Jazz-Age Flappers of the 1920’s and the elegance of the 1930’s.

My clients definitely like to carry the vintage theme throughout their entire event and my invitations are a great way to set the tone for their day. My biggest seller of late is my old-fashioned hand fans. They are a great way to keep your Mother-in-Law from overheating and a great way to list your bridal party, a special poem or Ceremony information.

How romantic are these ones…

Go Go Snap’s invitations are all inspired by vintage postcards and hand-made by Julie.  Her designs always start with a gorgeous and rare vintage image that she finds and then she creates magic by using that postcard to inspire a design set that flourishes with beautiful imagery and gorgeous colours.  If you love the Jazz-Age and consider yourself a bit of a closet Flapper, then Go Go Snap is that delicate last bite of your most favourite chocolate when it comes to your wedding.

I love this one above.  It’s a true contemporary take on art-deco, cleverly designed and elegant.

Ahh the Peacock!  What is about Peacocks that just screams elegant? Julies cleverness here shows in the fact that she simply put the Peacock on the card and nothing else.

When I stumbled upon Julies work on Go Go Snaps Etsy website I was struck by the simple elegance of all of her work.  The designs are not overcrowded, they are beautifully coloured and deliver the perfect amount of words to get you excited.  I love the save the date cards too.  They weren’t around when I was married (I must sound like a fossil – I’m truly not) but it says just what you need to and lets you add another little bit of excitement for you and your guests.

If your looking for wedding invitations that elegantly, stylishly and beautifully speak to your guests then email Julie, check out her Etsy shop and hit the order button.  She will soon have her own website live and I know once that happens she will be a wanted woman.

I love these vintage wedding invitations.  And I now have my beady little eyes focused on her business cards.




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