My two year old daughter Phoebe, was given two soft toy rabbits when she was born and now she can’t be without them, their names are Flo & Percy.  So, when I came across a site that had the same names I was intrigued. To my amazement, the site was perfect for me to blog about, I love it when that happens!

Floandpercy.com make gorgeous vintage jewellery, accessories and specialise in tiaras, headbands and anything else for the hair.  The picture below is part of The Mad Hatter Collection, which I chose for obvious reasons, its all in the name!

Image from floandpercy.com

They can also make a bespoke piece for you but you need to book ASAP as they are booked for 2011 already!!

I absolutely love the reason behind the name of the company and the idea of creating an heirloom, that can be passed down and treasured.

” Florence and Percy were married for 80 years and held the record for the longest marriage in the world. May the Flo & Percy piece you purchase bring you the same luck, health and happiness that they shared.” – Floandpercy.com

Image from floandpercy.com

If you are looking for yummy vintage accessories, this is the perfect place for you.

Kate x


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