So fashion week! Halllloooooo! What did we think?! How amazingly-gorgeous was it!!! I live for Fashion week as it’s such an inspiration, whether you design it or not, it can influence so many different aspects of your life. And, one of my favourite creative mediums is flowers (I’m rubbish at arranging a vase) but floral artists are so, so clever with them and today we’ve got wedding flowers inspired by Mulberry, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood and more supertastic fashion designers. 

This year the International florist Interflora hooked up with some pretty cool fashion bloggers and created stunning, fashion week inspired, wedding flowers. This is the kind of creative influence I luuuuuurv! Getting inspiration from the things you love the most or are passionate about and creating something new from it, loaded with heart and soul. Each individual floral design was expertly crafted using the finest flower varieties and the latest floristry techniques to capture the very essence of each designer.

Check these out… beautiful!

Addidas by Stella McCartney wedding flowers

fashion week inspired wedding flowers Adidas_TAB

L’Wren Scott inspired wedding flowers

L'Wren Scott- Lifestyle-1 LWren_Scott_TAB

Mulberry inspired wedding flowers

Mulberry- Lifestyle-1Mulberry_TAB

Paul Smith inspired wedding flowers

Paul Smith- Lifestyle-1 Paul_Smith_TAB

Tom Ford inspired wedding flowers

Tom Ford- Liefstyle-1 Tom_Ford_TAB

Vivienne Westwood inspired wedding flowers

Vivienne Westwood Lifestyle-1 Vivienne_Westwood_TAB2

Photos courtesy of Interflora
  1. Mulberry: English flowers such as Sweet Avalanche roses and hydrangeas to emulate the fashion house’s classic British style.
  2. L’Wren Scott:  Exotic varieties such as purple Vanda orchids and Black Bacarra roses to create a truly glamorous, red-carpet feel – just like L’Wren’s revered evening dresses.
  3. Tom Ford: Tom uses sexy eye-catching colours such as navy blues and purples. The luxurious vase reflects the high quality of his finish.
  4. Vivienne Westwood: Vivienne has an outlandish and eccentric style, yet remains classic. English roses convey her classic side, exotic orchids and ornamental pineapples convey the outlandish side.
  5. Paul Smith: To emulate Paul Smith’s rigid structure, flowers were arranged into rows. Hydrangeas, which have a softer edge, were used to create a feminine feel.
  6. Adidas by Stella McCartney: A sports case replaced a vase to offer a young, fresh and athletic feel. Strong colours mirrored the confidence and attitude of Stella’s Adidas collection.

Inspired by iconic designers Interflora florists Natalie Stanyer and Morgan Nuth worked with six of the nation’s finest fashion bloggers to create a series of stunning flower arrangements. It’s well known that the fashion industry draws inspiration from flowers – just look at the number of designs at London Fashion Week that featured floral prints,” said Natalie Stanyer. Fewer people realise that fashion also has a bearing on floral trends.  A good florist will always look to the catwalk for inspiration when developing their creative style.Fashion bloggers Sophie etc. (Sophie Neal), The Girl Who Stole London (Lauren Mahon), Style Trunk (Angharad Jones), Sequin This (Sarah Thain), Lauren Ella (Lauren Pearson) and Isabelle OC (Isabelle O’Carroll), used their own in-depth fashion knowledge to translate the styles of their favourite designers into the unique arrangements.Each worked closely throughout the day with fashion expert Tony Glenville, Creative Director at London College of Fashion during a specially organised Interflora event which ran alongside London Fashion Week.The outcomes created by florists and bloggers working together were simply stunning.

I adore the Paul Smith one, oh the colours and in that gorgeous suitcase it’s like a travelling box of gorgeousness. The Mulberry one takes a very, very close second – I love the colours!!!

Right! Now that I’ve been inspired I’m off to get my shears and get-a-clippin! Lets see if I can master the art of floristry (not)!

Zarn xx

P.S. Oh, keep your eyes peeled next week for the floral wedding dress. Yep, that is, a dress made from beautiful flowers.