What’s a pre wedding photo shoot?

Oooooh do I have a treat for all you romantics this morning.

If there is one thing I love most of all it’s romance and when I heard about this pre wedding photo shoot I was gasping with “ooh’s” and “ahh’s”.  I am such a wuss when it comes to romantic movies, I cry, I laugh and I love as hard as they do while I’m watching it… and yes, I wish I could wrinkle my nose a few times and create my Kiefer Sutherland hubby more into Richard Gere from Officer And A Gentleman and rescue me from a day of work by sweeping me in his arms.  {Sorry, off on a romantic tangent there}.

Pre wedding photo shoots are becoming very trendy.  It’s not about engagement shoots anymore.  Instead it’s getting dressed in all your glory and sharing an extraordinarily intimate moment with each other, without any other guests.  And as the wonderfully talented Ellie Marks shows below, with a great photographer who can come up with an ingenious idea for you, you two could share a moment like this.

… so, picture this… Breanna (an engineer that loves photography) meets Ryan (a biologist who loves to collect bugs) – two opposites meet and fall in love.  They have a common love of music which they incorporated into their wedding day and it was a beautiful wedding day too, but, BUT!  And this is a big, wonderful BUT!  When Breanna walked down the aisle towards Ryan, it wasn’t the first time they had seen each other in their wedding outfits.

‘Say what!!!’ I hear you say…

Some time before the big day a pre wedding shoot was held 🙂

Alone and in a beautiful field, before the big day, Breanna stood behind one side of the door and Ryan on the other, both ecstatic with anticipation, excited at the prospect that they were breaking tradition and were going to see each other BEFORE the big day.  And then they peeked behind the door…

See how this amazing, adorable, grab-a-tissue kind of romantic story unfolded below.


Pre Wedding Photo Shoot pics

The idea behind the creative genius that is the door in the middle of a field is by Photographer Ellie Marks.  Her idea was to create Breanna and Ryan’s ‘first look’ at each other just as exciting as they would on their wedding day, had it been the ‘first look’.

“It was so magical to see them stand on each side of the door without seeing each other.  But when they did lay eyes on each other you could clearly see just how happy they were to share that moment alone with one another in the middle of a beautiful field.”

Right, where’s my tissues?

The couple are gorgeous and the photography is stunning but the idea that Photographer Ellie Marks came up with just blew me away and has to be the most romantic thing I have heard in some time.  I love the idea of a pre wedding shoot, just the two of you, alone seeing each other for the first time all dressed up for each other. Tradition, tradition, tradition – it’s changing and you guys are helping create some divine ideas for Brides and Grooms to come.

So I say, let your wedding last more than just one day and think about having a pre wedding photo shoot.


P.S.  Happy December everybody!! Yay, Christmas is nearly here.


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