An engagement shoot or not? That is the question.

And I shout YES!!!

It excites me so much as to how brave, how adventurous couples are becoming with their wedding and breaking the traditions that surround ‘old style’ weddings and one of the latest trends is engagement shoots: photos of you two before the big day!

Once you’ve popped the big question or screamed out “YES” you can now have a hell of a lot of fun with a photographer.  And, couples are getting adventurous, creating their own mini fashion shoots by styling them and creating a story which then leads them and their prospective guests into Chapter Two, The Wedding!

And today I’ve got a frabjously adventurous couple on an apocalyptic, Mad Max style adventure by awesome photographer Dominic Clark.  It’s so cool!!!  Dom’s got a great edgy style to his photography which I love and he seamlessly creates visually interesting pieces of work.  He has flair and his photos are dramatic: they make you want to keep staring at them.

“They say people don’t believe in heroes anymore. Well, damn them! You and me, Max, we’re gonna give ’em back their heroes!” Mad Max.

I am love, LovE, Lovin it!

An apocalyptic engagement photo idea

A little from Dom:

I think I can say the only thing a photographer likes better than the satisfaction of having free reign on their own project, is having free reign on someone elses project.

To be given a brief and told ‘this is how we’d like it to be done‘ is a familiar feeling but doesn’t really give a person room to flex their creative muscles.  However, to be given a brief and told ‘run with it.  Show us what you can do!‘ can make a chaps brain fizz with excitement.

And that’s what happened to me…

Benji & Fiona are dear friends of mine and have been for many years.  I can’t tell you how pleases as punched I was when they announced their engagement and that they wanted me as their photographer!

The good news kept coming when several weeks later they called to tell me they had a venue and it was an old cinema in Bristol which still had theatre style seating and a large stage/screen area where the ceremony would be held.

Could I ask for anything more? …

…Only that they wanted several movie themed engagement shoots to put up around the cinema!

‘Which movies?’ I ask…these photos are from our first shoot together.  Their first shoot was a Mad Max/Apocalyptic style theme shoot: big boots, baron wastelands and fingerless gloves everywhere!

Being given creative freedom with a project like this was more than a person could ask for and working together I feel that we really created something memorable.

There is still loads yet to come so do keep your eye on Alice In Weddingland and on my website or Facebook page to see the rest of these shots and the other movie themed shoots we did.

This is a big project and I’m not done with it yet.


More on Alice In Weddingland from this awesome engagement shoot

I love Dom’s adventurous style photography.  It’s clear through this imagery and the photos on his website that he has a frabjous personality and if you haven’t seen his twitter photo, check it out – it screams fun!

I love engagement shoots and seeing those adventurous couples with frabjous engagement shoot ideas.  I love couples who dare to be different and I love photographers who can encapsulate their ideas and take them even further…

… and I’ve got the scoop on their adventure!  I am so privileged to get to watch Benji and Fiona tell their story right through to their wedding day!

Watch this space to see more from Dom and from Benji & Fiona.

If you had an adventurous engagement shoot or a unique/alternative wedding get in touch!  I’d love to hear about it.  Or tell me your engagement photo ideas.


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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