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photo ideas

This is the second engagement shoot {yes you heard me right}, the second {talk about lucky} for Benji & Fiona photographed by the irrepressible wedding photographer Dominc Clark III (the name says it all):  he’s cool, he has a wicked sense of humour and he’s an awesome photographer.

The couple… well, if you’ve missed it, they’re getting married in an old theatre! How absolutely frabjous is that!

Check out their first engagement photo ideas in their apocalyptic adventure engagement shoot and read more about the frabjous Dom Clark III in the previous post.

And here’s their Indie Rom Com full of colour, love and bubbles of laughter. Benji and Fiona are daring to be different and are injecting more fun into their wedding adventures by creating another legacy, that of their life as an engaged couple.

Benji & Fiona’s lounge room wall is going to look amazing with all their stunning shots from their engagement shoots and what I love the most is how playful their being with their engagement photo ideas 🙂

So much fun!!  Oh I do love seeing people in love, you just can’t stop smiling with them! I am a true, hopeless {I mean, quite pathetic} romantic!!!  I am super excited about their wedding and can’t wait to see their adventure unfold with Dominic!

If you’re interested in an engagement shoot that’s a little different, get in touch with Dom, he’s your man!


P.S.  Have you done an engagement shoot?  Would you?  Let me know and drop me a comment with your engagement photo ideas 🙂