I was tired, lacklustre, I had palpitations and my motivation to diet again had flown out that forever window of hope. In truth I was bloody fed up with feeling like this almost every day of the week yet I still had to pluck from obscurity that motivation, that Captain America like energy to work, run the house, get all my Mummy chores done and then attempt to lose weight and get fit. Get real! It aint’ ever going to happen – BUT IT DID!

There were no diets that worked magic here, honestly. No strenuous exercise! No Mr or Mrs Universe yelling preposterous words down my nose either… It was just me. And now, with oodles of energy, loads of time to get things done and 2 sizes lighter (waa bloody hoo!) I am a changed woman.

Seriously! I feel free for the first time from the emotional chasm of dieting, and free from the horrible feelings I had every time I looked in the mirror with disappointment because I’d yo-yoed again.

And I want to give you every single secret that I’ve uncovered! I am so passionate about it!!

Heres a McSneaky at just one small thing I did that made a dramatic change in my health and weight!

My break this morning: The Twilight Smoothy {Beetroot and Spinach}


Beetroot and Spinach Smoothy

  • Half a small beetroot
  • 6-8 almonds
  • Small handful of baby spinach
  • Smaller handful of Kale
  • 6 mint leaves
  • Large handful of frozen berries (especially raspberries)
  • Inch of celery
  • Coconut water

Wizz in a #Nutribullet or blender and drink up. Loaded with iron, fibre and giving you that protein punch = ENERGY!

Love food, love life!




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