I‘ve seen a number of bloggers do it, so I thought, when in great company, be inspired!!!

I am a huge fan of discovering something new, like a new book, or a new artist, or a new band.  And I’m a huge house bunny, endlessly styling my home around my family: making it lusciously comfortable and homely and I do this by learning from others and discovering new things.  I’m the kind of nosey-parker (all good intentions of course) that goes into someones home for the first time and love checking out their photos on their walls, the books on their shelves, their art, their style.  It begins to tell me a story about the person and on top of all of that, I quite often discover something new, and I love it!!!  This is what I love to call, natural inspiration.

So in the spirit of blogging I’m super keen to start my own ‘discovery’ posts and give you links to a collection of liquorice all sorts: unique things that I discover from around the world.  If it tickles my inspiration then I’ll post about it and hopefully introduce you to something new. But don’t forget, I love discovering new things, so if you find something, drop me a line via the comments or the contact form above so I can discover it too, who know, you may get your name in lights as I may even add it to future Down The Rabbit Hole posts.

Enjoy the first of the series – Down The Rabbit Hole!  Unique ideas from around the globe:

Su Blackwell’s stunning Alice In Wonderland book sculpture.

I’ve been dropping hints to Rob for an age for this! I’d LOVE one of these.  Su’s book sculptures are stunning visual adventures through famous literature.  Her ability to capture the smallest details are spectacular and personally I think something like this would make a beautiful wedding gift!

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If you haven’t seen them yet, these gorgeous Mr and Mrs mugs from Etsy are divine.  They aren’t tiny little tea cups which leave you wanting more when you go to have another sip and realise you’ve already drunk it.  Imagine waking up on Saturday morning and sharing a cuppa with your Hubby!  I love them!!!

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I am Mindmapping my little heart out at the moment.  I’m mind mapping my life, the many Alice In Weddingland projects I have on the go, The Unique Wedding Directory and of course, the big move: we’re moving house in May!  If you want to get your ideas out of your head then I highly, highly recommend Mindmapping.  You could easily mind map your wedding too!! It’s great fun and you can make the mind maps look so perrdy!!! Created by the brilliant Tony Buzan you can now get a Mindmapping App for the iPad and for the iPhone, even the Desktop – it’s wicked fun and here’s an example from the Buzan website.

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Since it’s Easter holidays and Boo Bear is home from preschool, we’re filling next week with crafty activities: my old favourite, paper mache {I still remember making sticking paper all over my green balloon when I was in Primary School – geesh!} and we’re also going to make this gorgeous Butterfly footprint painting by the FrugalGirls.


Some more frabjously unique ideas that I love:

?  I am a huge polka dot fan and I’d love one of these satchels for summer

?  Adore this: a spectacular idea showing you how to recycle lightbulbs and create stunning DIY lightbulb vases (would look stunning at a wedding reception)

?  A wickedly quirky, curvy. wonderlandish styled 4ft curved bookshelf {I already have the Dali clock in the picture :)} While you’re there, check out the teacup shelf

?  I haven’t read a novel in four years (since Boo Bear was born) yet I’ve found some Chic-Lit that I must read!  After spotting it in the hands of a Mum at a play centre last week, I had to ask, and she said it’s wickedly fun.  ‘Just another manic Mum-Day’ by Mink Elliott.  The title says it all 🙂

?   One of fav recent findings: this is one very cool and unique way to guide your guests to their tables: include stable names, guest names and wrapped up in a scrummy looking drink



I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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