Ever since Santa Claus gave me my first, bright yellow Ricoh camera I’ve had a love for photography. I would play with my little automatic and click everywhere I went. And although I am only just now learning the technical side of photography with its ‘F’s’ and ‘stops’ and ‘apertures’ and all that lays in between, I’ve always loved looking down the lens and capturing moments.

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it wasn’t until my wedding day, ten years ago that I suddenly realised the importance of photography and the legacy it leaves behind.  By being rushed and not making a good decision, we ended up with just 3 nice photos of the entire day. But don’t be disheartened, I tell you this because there is an enormity of choice for you out there and if you take your time and choose wisely, you’ll be in love with your results!

Good photography will get you good wedding photos but great photography will get you STUNNING photos that you won’t be able to stop looking at. Photos that get comments everytime people come into your house. Photos that capture the emotion and drama of any given moment. Photos that tell your story… these are the kinds of wedding photos that create your legacy and my treat for you today is to introduce you to one of my favourite UK photographers who has an incredible knack for capturing emotion in photos like it’s a paused Hollywood film.

Introducing UK photographer Andrew Billington

Andrew: “I choose to photograph weddings in a way that includes a strong emotional element within most photographs. I’m looking for images that further the story of the day and give the viewer an idea of what it was like to be there”.

Andrew: “I’m at the wedding, I don’t have to create the ‘ideal’ wedding I have in my head – just photograph the one that’s in front of me in the best way I can.”

Like in any industry, you have the goods’ and the bads’. But like any industry, it’s work on your part that shakes out those bads and leaves you with all the goods to choose from.

So what’s your most important tool when choosing a wedding photographer?

The most important tool you can have when choosing your wedding photographer is to be informed. So how do you do that? Research, research, research! Check websites, check reviews and testimonials, check their online work not just their portfolio in a studio, follow them on twitter, chat to them, ask questions, lots of them and get to know them and their photography. And what ever you do, don’t rush your decision. 🙂

It really is that easy! Once you know the kind of ‘style’ of photography you like, whether it be traditional, unique or documentary wedding photography, just simply google that style along with your area, but make it vast because most good photographers will travel!

I adore Andrew’s photography. I love the emotion, I love the drama and I love the sense of ‘being there’ that you get from his photos – a legacy I wish I had!

So. Now that I’ve introduced you to an amazing photographer who demonstrates beautifully what documentary photography is, would you choose it? What do you like about it or dislike about it? Is there another style of photography you’d like showcased on the blog – let me know 🙂

P.S. If you’re a wedding photographer or just a groupie like me 🙂 and are interested in photography then you must check out Andrews’ brilliant post on Mad Hatters Academy today all about The Art Of Wedding Photography. It’s a brilliant post that’s not only relevant to wedding photographers but you too! 🙂